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  • Best option from the looks of it would be removing the textarea via css or js. There’s no filter available that isolates that part.

    Thanks! That was fast.

    I’m still pretty novice with CSS. Could you be more specific as to what it is I need to remove via CSS? Again, this is greatly appreciated.


    something like this should help. The class is coming from the <form> tag that the textarea is a part of

    .badgeos-submission-form textarea { display: none; }

    how about keeping the text area and removing the attachment area?
    I could not find its css tag.


    alibizbaz, you should be able to get that with the following:

    .badgeos-submission-form .badgeos-file-submission { display: none; }

    I’m a CSS novice as well and want to remove the attachment area. Which BadgeOS plugin file do I need to edit to add or change the line you suggested, Michael?

    I’d add it to your theme’s CSS personally, that way you don’t lose the updates the next time you update BadgeOS.

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the code. It worked, but I’m still having trouble with the attachment and text box option showing after approval (the code removed this for the submission part). Is there anyway to disable those too? Or at least the attachment option?

    Also, is there a way to display the badge during submission, or change the submission text?

    Thanks for the help.


    jrunfitpro, is the site you’re working on on a live server that I could see? It’ll help me get a better picture of what you’re dealing with.

    My site is Workout Anywhere: .

    Is there some way I can DM you Michael? You’ll have to login to see it.

    you can email me credentials to michael at

    Is there a specific url I can see this in action at jrunfitpro? I’m wondering if the achievements are awardable more than once.

    Regarding custom display, which method are you using for the submission process? One of the shortcodes? just the submission post type permalink?

    Hi Michael,
    Did you get the email I sent? The links should be in there.

    Trying to make sure I’m seeing the same thing as you. This is what I’m seeing in the first link provided in the email:

    and then if I click through to it.

    Is this what you’re seeing in both right now? or do I need to do a submission to get to the next part of it?

    Yeah, I went away from the submission form and to the single achievement shortcode. It has the look and feel my members like, except for taking them off the lesson page and then the additional submission.

    Anyway to prevent this?

    The submission shortcode had that second submission field too.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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