• Resolved oshi


    How can we deactivate the subject field or hide it?

    What are the class field for subject so i can hide it.

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  • Below CSS should help you.

    input#request_title {
        display: none;

    Just curious, why do you want to deactivate the subject field?



    Thank You WSDesk

    Why I want to deactivate the subject?

    I have a support button when a visitors clicks on the support button it pops up.
    Having to much fields makes it long.

    As for me I would just like to display two main field E-mail and Description filed

    Logically you’re contacting the admin because you need help right? So it would make more since to just jump into the description and explain your problem and leave your email, for the admin to get back to you.

    Thanks once again I will go ahead and test it out

    Got it. Thanks.

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