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  • I am trying to remove the space between CSS buttons whilst keeping my buttons centred on the page. I’ve made the background bar yellow to highlight the problem, you can see yellow spaces between each button.

    Method 1
    I have tried changing the css ‘display: inline-block;’ to ‘float: left;’ in the li, which works, however it moves all my buttons to the left of the page, even if my ul setting shows, ‘text-align: center’

    Method 2
    I’ve read that another way to achieve this is to keep ‘display: inline-block;’, but to remove the tags from the end of each menu item, but I am unable to locate where WP stores the actual menu list items.

    Can anyone help me to either use Method 1, but keep my menu buttons centred on the page or to use Method 2, i.e. locate where WP writes the actual menu items to, so I can edit the html (if that is even possible in WP?)

    Many thanks

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