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    We had a site made for us and now I am trying to make some minor edits and need a little assistance.


    As you can see, we have 3 feature-a-page widgets. I am also showing these same 3 widgets on page

    Question 1: I just upgraded from a previous verson of your widget and now things are not displaying correctly as they were before. The text size of the title is now smaller (was previously H3 i believe), and the excerpt is aligned to the very left of the widget area. Is there a way for me to downgrade back to the a previous version, or easily correct t his issue?

    Question 2: On the homepage, there is no white space around the images but on the /example page there is. Is this something that the person did manually behind the scenes to remove the white space so the images would extend to the edges of the widget? (I actually prefer it this way)

    Question 3: I need to remove the middle widget (Partner Network) but when I do, the theme automatically spaces the remaining two widgets evenly and then the image is no longer placed correctly. I tried using a much larger image but it was still left aligned leaving a large empty space to the right of the image and also a full white border around the image.

    Ultimately, I would like to have just two widgets sided by side and have the images fill the entire area above the title (similiar to the current homepage but just larger because there will be only 2 pages featured instead of 3

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!


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  • Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley


    Hi @macollins7,

    I’ll take the questions on 1 at a time.

    Question 1: It looks like there is a bug in the output of the excerpt. I’ll see if I can solve this and push out a minor release in the next day or two. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. There hasn’t been a change in any of the headings

    Just to think through the bug completely, are you using the Rich Text Excerpts or Advanced Excerpt plugin?

    Question 2: Looking at those two pages, the difference is controlled by your theme and not the widget. Particularly, Line 55 of modules.css appears to remove the padding from those homepage boxes.

    Question 3: The image alignment would need to be changed by the theme. In terms of the image itself, it appears that two things are going on:

    1. The image you uploaded appears to be smaller than the maximum image width the plugin can handle.
    2. Even if the image were using the max-width (400px), it still wouldn’t fill the whole width.

    That second issue is something I’m aware of and haven’t come up with a satisfactory fix for yet. People have requested custom image sizing, but I haven’t come up with a way I’m happy handling it yet. Hopefully that will be included in the improvements to the big version 1.5 overhaul that I have planned.

    I hope this addresses your questions enough to help you move forward. I’ll look into the excerpt bug and try to fix it soon. I’ll mark this thread resolved when I do.


    Q1: I am not using any additional Excerpts plugins
    Q2: I have found the modules.css and have managed to add the padding but I would prefer to only have the title and excerpt padded (I reverted back to the original for now). Do you know if there is a way to do this?
    Q3: Thanks!

    Same problem about Space around image…thank’s for solving!

    Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley


    @andynw and @macollins7,

    I think I’ve tracked down the issue and will hopefully get a fix up today. (I need to investigate one other bug report first.) The issue is resolved by a change to the widget layout, so if you’re using a custom template, you’ll need to modify it to match the change (which is just a few characters).

    @macollins7, I never addressed downgrading. You can always download older versions from the “Developers” tab, but that is never recommended unless you plan on upgrading to the next version when it comes out.

    @mrwweb Thanks, will look forward to the update.

    In the meantime, is it a simple fix to add padding just to the excerpt part?

    Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley


    Sorry for the slight delay. New version is up. Let me know if it fixes your issue. I think it should.

    plugin updated! it fixed the excerpt padding but not the title – it is still smaller than H3.

    Also, how can I reduce the extra space between the image and the title, and also below the excerpt?

    Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley


    Glad that fixed it!

    The spacing and font-sizing issues are from CSS. There haven’t been any changes in recent versions so I don’t think whatever changes you saw came from the plugin.

    You’ll need to make those changes in your theme. The plugins styles are very easy to override. The classes you can style are:

    • The widget wrapper has a class depending on the layout you’ve selected.
    • fpw-featured-link – the link that wraps the image and title
    • fpw-page-title – The title of the featured page
    • fpw-featured-image – The image
    • fpw-excerpt – The wrapper around the excerpt

    Best of luck with those changes and thanks for reporting the initial bug.

    Thanks mrwweb. The title font size didn’t change until I upgraded the plugin. I’m very much a rookie here (actually probably one step below that) so any additional direction (files/lines to edit) is very much appreciated!

    Thanks again for all the help!

    Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley


    Just to clarify are you talking about upgrading to 1.2.2 and the size changing or the most recent 1.2.3 version?

    Sorry for not clarifying that. It happened when I upgraded to 1.2.2 (I had not upgraded in sometime so I am not sure what version I was on prior to upgrading to 1.2.2)

    Plugin Author Mark Root-Wiley



    I’ve gone back and double-checked. As I thought at first, nothing has changed in the formatting or styling of the widget title since at least 1.2.0 and I believe even before then. In fact, I don’t think it has ever changed.

    At first, I assumed there must have been a change in your theme, but that now seems unlikely from what you’ve said. What I suspect is that your developer (I think you mentioned you had one) had modified the plugin file itself. This is considered bad practice as updating the plugin overwrites those changes. That is probably what happened. This plugin is coded with safe ways to easily modify the output and styles, so that should not be necessary.

    Your site is using the default plugin styles as one expects and there are no other font-size styles with which it conflicts. This means that the plugin is working as expected and your issue is with writing custom styles for site. Unfortunately, I can only offer support specifically for the plugin here, so you’ll need to find someone else who can help you resolve this problem by writing a custom line or two of css which is all that’s required.

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