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    I broke my website today when I put the wrong username on the permissions configuration page and locked myself out! “Config” option disappeared under SlimStat when listing all plugins.

    I could still go to SlimStat Editor though so went in to make what seemed to be a easy permissions name change. Seemed to worked at first but then ENTIRE website is crashed, cannot see it on any computer, even when not signed in.

    Updated WordPress yesterday. All plugins are current. I know that SlimStat is officially incompatible with W3 Total Cache, but the combination has been working well enough to be helpful, so I let it be.

    Thankfully there is a Full backup that can be restored but I’m not hearing back from my go-to-guy yet. The Sedlex procedure requires more tools than I’ve learned yet.

    HOWEVER, if the blockage is only SlimStat, maybe WE can remove (uninstall?) the SlimStat plugin from my FTP window? How to save the data? Maybe by removing SlimStat my website would return and then I could reinstall it and refrain stupid mistakes again … ? Or maybe just removing a file that would rebuild itself would possibly work?

    Here are the files I see via FTP:

    …wp-slimstat folder:
    uninstall.php size 1,219
    index.php size 25
    wp-slimstat-dashboard.php size 5,344
    wp-slimstat-js.php size 9,480
    wp-slimstat.js size 7,803
    wp-slimstat.php size 36,533
    (plus some .txt and .png files)

    …wp-slimstat/admin folder:
    wp-slimstat-admin.php size 44,906
    geoip.csv size 2,598,406 (is this my data I could save off & return?)

    cache.php size 241,794

    Thank you!
    Learning more everyday …

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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi there,

    stuff happens, that’s okay 🙂 Yes, as long as you don’t UNINSTALL WP SlimStat but just remove the files via FTP, your data won’t be removed. geoip is the ip geolocalization database, and can be removed without any problems. The ‘meat’ is in the database, not in your folders…

    Also, please check the FAQs for activating a ‘backdoor’ that allows you to go to the config page even if you locked yourself out of WP SlimStat.


    PS; a vote for my plugin would be a nice way to say thank you.

    Thank you for your kind and quick reply.
    Deleting SlimStat folder did the trick.
    I’ll remember backdoor if goof ever happens again.

    Extra notes:
    I could not follow through right away because it turned I did not have permission to FTP delete. Host support would not help because my domain is under someone else’s account, a web developer that helped me get started. But he and I could not connect until Monday. NOTE TO OTHERS: Get clear access to Host support team regarding your own domain! My FTP username originally had full permission. I’ve deleted in the past but something went bump since then. My FTP username/permissions had to be recreated. ***Having access to Host support would have had my site up in hours instead of 3-1/3 days down ***

    Hi Camu,

    Just a tiny question:

    I have a recent database backup file just after uninstalling slimstat by mistake. A day older backup inkcludes the slimstat tables.

    Is it possible just to replace the slimstat tables in the database to get the data back again without replacing all of the tables?

    Thank you in advance!

    By the way, is it possible to use a separate database for slimstat data?

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi Zeb, the answer is yes to your first question and no to the second, even if this feature is already on my todo list.

    Stay tuned.

    Ps a vote for my plugin would be a nice way to say thank you.

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