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    There is no such option. Perhaps this will be added in the future.

    Hi Kasal, sorry, but last i checked any plugin on the WordPress directory should be fully open sourced and comply with the GPL License with no reference to your website on the front end. This doesn’t seems to be the case here. So where do i remove the href that applies on the “Share” image from ponting and anchoring to your site?


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    This doesn’t seems to be the case here

    Sure it is. You can edit and the plugin file directly yourself and modify the code. You can distribute it and do as you like. That’s GPL’ed alright.

    Not tested by me but edit share-buttons-hupso.php and just delete all href="" references (there are 3). That should do it I think.

    If you think the plugin has violated the Plugin Guidelines here then you can report it to plugins [ at ] That’s really the best way to report these things.

    That’s all well said, but that’s exactly it, removing those links didn’t fix the issue, i have no idea where they are nested and why wouldn’t it be possible to remove it.

    The approach is always to first try and solve the issue with the developer and i truly hope that kasal can give us the simple solution for this matter as it should be fairly straightforward to remove a pointed URL from the front end image of the “Share” image.


    Plugin Author kasal


    I thik you misunderstood me. As I said, there is no such option in Hupso plugin settings.
    If you are a developer, it is quite easy to change it:
    – open create_button.js
    – locate line with code += '<a class (around line 370, depends on your plugin version)
    – remove entire href part
    – save file
    – go to Hupso plugin settings and click on Save Settings

    Since you are editing the plugin code yourself, I provide no guarantee that it will work correctly.

    Let me just say that plugin is GPL and you are free to change your copy anyway you like. If you do not know how to change it, that does not make it non GPL.

    Note: You must not update plugin after you change the code, because your changes will get overwritten with newer version. So I suggest you keep this version or do the same changes every time you update it.

    Hi, thanks for that Kasal, that’s all i was asking for. I have followed your instructions but the href seems not to be removed. is that the only location should remove it from?

    Plugin Author kasal


    Yes. But you should also remove “href” part, not just url inside “”, otherwise a browser might still show some URL of current website.
    I tested this in Firefox and it worked.
    If you still have problems, please send me an email with URL to your blog and I will take a look.

    Thank you kasal for that awesome plugin!

    It works and I could change the URL the share button is leading to.

    Is it also possible to remove the share button too?

    I just want to start with the tweet button and don’t need the Share image in front of it.

    Thanks a lot!

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