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  • Hello,

    I installed this plugin to test but i’m finally not happy with the share buttons and wanted to remove them from my blog.

    I disabled and deleted the Addthis plugin, but this did not remove the share buttons from my post pages, and now i have no idea how to remove it.

    Please help me!

    Thanks and regards

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  • @leelooille: Sorry to hear that you are not happy with our plugin. We would like to know how we can make it better for you, so let us know your concerns on the plugin.

    To remove the buttons, it should be removed whenever the plugin is deactivated. If the buttons are still showing up, you may be having a Caching plugin which is serving the cached pages. Also, please check whether you have added any code to show the buttons manually.

    I have no caching plugin installed, and have not added any code manually. But the share buttons are still present..

    Here is the URL of my website if that may help:

    I wanted to be able to choose which social network to display and to display all directly on the page without having to be hover it to see them all (as the ones i have installed afterwards, which i’m very happy with.)

    I really need to remove your share button from my website.


    I cannot remove the share buttons from the top of my blog posts. I have some more share buttons at the side of my posts that I also cannot remove. The share buttons at the bottom of my blog posts are fine.
    I have Jetpack installed – whatever option I choose the share buttons will not disappear – confused? – then click on any blog post (picture).




    Also posted on the addthis support page but in case you miss it
    I am going to get right to the point. I have read the discussion here and you never give any definitive answers to anyone who is feeling plagued by your feature and I want a real answer.
    You are not a plugin on my site and if you were, were removed long ago;
    I am unable to find any code that I can id by searching for addthis or add-this in my functions.php, page.php, post.php, comments.php and others.
    I have installed a different plugin to allow me to turn off comments all together and you are still there.
    I want you gone. Is this why you have such a high user base – we can’t get rid of you. I would like you if you paid attention to the preferences that I set but you seem to override everything. I really don’t want to share my client file upload post or my contact page. So, how do I get rid of you? Can you please provide the code I can add to my functions page to squash you. Your are like an uninvited houseguest. Thank you.

    Srijith V


    @georgiag: Please share the url to your site where the issue is occurring so that I can have a look. The plugin is removable as like any plugins in WordPress.



    Thats my problem… no plugin unless you call it by a different name 🙂 or any page except home and portfolio. Thank you.

    @georgiag: The code doesn’t look like one generated by our plugin. It might be added by the theme developer itself, or you/your developer might have added the code right into the theme file.

    You may double check the theme files and/or any other plugins (which might be using AddThis code for sharing) for
    <script type="text/javascript" src="" tabindex="1000"></script>

    To confirm, this is not as a result of any AddThis WordPress plugin, but a manual insertion into the theme file.

    I also have removed the plugin and the addthis buttons remain! I am using twentythirten theme, when I change the theme the plugin which is not installed indeed does not appear.



    We’ve got the same problem.
    Just wondering, is this your code? Because that seams to be hard coded into our site even after we deleted the plugin and the addthis account.
    <img src=”” width=”125″ height=”16″ alt=”Bookmark and Share” style=”border:0″/><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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