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    get rid of “Sale” on each of the products – on the Shop page.

    Quick fix to hide them all is by adding :

    .onsale {display:none;}

    in your style.css file.

    okay. thanks!
    .onsale {display:none;}

    however, I already just deleted the style on the style sheet. next time I’ll do what you recommended.

    There is still another “sale” on the products i want to delete; a blue “sale” that links to the single product. I want to to delete this “sale” blue, apparently “spam”, but I’m not sure where it’s located at the moment – in the style sheet or html. I checked out Firebug, but still not sure.
    I’ll look again later! Maybe you can advise me??? see:

    Hi Terrydorn,

    With firebug here I can hide that “blue onsale” by adding following css rule :

    .onsale {display:none;}

    Give it a try.

    (BTW, though it works, hiding element with CSS is not the most elegant way to do that. I see you use ‘Sliding’ theme, so I guess you can get quick support from the theme author or read their documentation).

    Thank you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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