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  • At this post, I have used the full HTML content of the post as the ‘excerpt’. This allows the embedded video to play at the home page, but still has the ‘read more’ link…of course, there is not more to read…it’s all there…

    So, any clues on how to do this more efficiently..well, actually, it was rather easy to get the video there…which was the objective…so what if both the content and the excerpt are the same?

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  • Theme Author c.bavota


    The read more button will appear if you have selected to display the excerpt. If you select the content instead, that read more will not appear. Though there is a trick to get the read more button to appear when displaying the content. Just use the more tag. The button is in the text editor menu.

    The read more button will appear if you have selected to display the excerpt

    Yes, that is what is in use.

    I am not sure I got my point across. The issue is that the excerpt and the content are the same. Is there a method to use per post to control displaying the read more (besides CSS hacks)?

    Again, the issue is that there is not more to read (so the link is really not required).

    Theme Author c.bavota


    Since you are displaying the excerpt, the read more will appear by default, even if there is nothing more to read. That is just how it works. Kind of an all or nothing type situation.

    But like I mentioned above, you can display the content and use the more tag in a similar fashion so that the posts that don’t have more content won’t have a read more.


    Is there a better way if I use your Premium Theme?

    You could add a function like this in your child theme’s function.php:

    function mb_excerpt_more( $text ) {
         return '';

    which overrides the readmore function of the theme. Refer the following file for other hooks and overrides:

    Since it has been a very long time since a responsible reply was made to this, please close, I cannot however mark as resolved.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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