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  • Is this purple botton a joke? No opt-out? Deactivating plugin and looking for alternatives…

    Yes, what’s up with the purple botton. Only downside, plugin is deactivate till I learn how to make it disappear.

    You have to be joking with this!
    I know it’s a free plugin but it must have been good for Digital Telepathy.

    We await an update to fix issues for ages and when it finally comes, this purple icon is forced on us. Why would you expect people to keep using the plugin like this?

    I am already looking for other plugins that don’t force me to show their ads!

    If anyone knows what code to delete from the plugin files to remove this icon (neatly), please post it up in here. Thanks

    I came back to the previous versious, without the purple cow. You can use WP-Manage-Plugins to disable update notifications from flare.

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    eckharttolle7 The plugin author will need to comment about this part

    my counts are not working for the icons: facebook, twitter and others in the flare plugin. How do I get these to work?

    The purple icon is surrounded by a CSS class and can be set to display: none;. Using Chrome’s Inspect element tool this CSS does the job.

    .button-type-filament, .flare-total, .flare-button-count {
    	display: none !important;

    Which is probably too much to remove and a plugin update can change that. If you’re really not happy with their free service I suggest you just find another plugin and use that one.

    I’ve deleted it now. What a shame.



    Can someone link me to the old version?

    I am about to delete it – c’mon guys – I have gone from being ready to write a blog post about how great Flare is to being ready to delete it – forcing the purple button on us in an update is not cool – and I have already have readers asking WTF? Wouldn’t you be better off having it optional and keeping happy fans…or just charge people already – but don’t put it up in a sneaky update!

    You can download previous versions of the plugin via

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    thanks, but I don’t see other versions of flare with the link you sent.

    I’m going to use an earlier version of the plugin until the purple button is removed. No one likes forced ads…

    The offending code is in views/sharebar.php so if you are up for modding the plugin then you can remove:

          * Powered By Filament Icon
        <span data-type="filament" class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-button button-type-filament <?php echo $namespace; ?>-iconstyle-<?php echo $iconstyle; ?> last" style="background-color:#9848b5;z-index:<?php echo count( $buttons ) - $counter; ?>">
            <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-button-wrap">
                <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-button-icon"></span>
        <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-button-count">--</span>
        <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-flyout <?php echo $namespace; ?>-flyout-filament">
            <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-flyout-inner">
                <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-arrow"></span>
            <span class="<?php echo $namespace; ?>-iframe-wrapper" data-code-snippet='<a href="" title="Powered by" target="_blank"><strong>Filament</strong> Ideas to Inventions <span>More Apps</span></a>'></span>

    Though I like Jan’s CSS solution.

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    Helga, thank you! where do I find this code in wordpress once I installed the flare plugin so that I can erase it?? Also, can you tell me why my counts are not working for my social media sites? when you hover over the social media icons (flare plugin) the boxes are blank, there are no counts. Thanks so much!

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