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  • Hi I’m using Twenty twelve 3.5.2 I’m trying to disable the tooltip / pop up title description box that appears when I hover over a page image and which shows the title of the image. I did manage to achieve this with a plugin called ‘No Title Tooltips’ which worked perfectly but (I think) after upgrading to 3.5.2 the title description pop ups have reappeared. I tried another plugin called ‘Remove Title Attributes’ but they’re still there. Does anyone have any leads please?!

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  • That’s actually not part of WP core (or twentytwelve) so try deactivating all plugins to see if any may be ADDING that.

    EDIT – actually they do seem to be added to galleries…but not to regular images.



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    I think title tags are helpful with SEO?? So you might want to be careful removing them completely.

    You should be able to accomplish hiding them during mouseover, and adding them back during mouseout with some jQuery:

    Hi thanks for the suggestions. I tried deactivating plugins but no change there. I did wonder about SEO… I followed the link to stackoverflow but I’m a novice at putting in coding and I’m plugin dependent! (I couldn’t even figure out whereabouts to paste the code). My main issue is the titles popping up over the static images (though the same descriptions do pop up on Portfolio Slideshow which I’m using). If I visit other websites (maybe not WordPress) there are no pop up titles when I hover over the images. If I just delete the image titles on the static images but keep the alt text descriptions is it still going to be SEO readable do you know?

    sorry to butt in again but I just tried to modify some code in my functions.php file and now the whole site has gone down – error message reads

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /www/sites/904/128/ on line 452

    and no way I can find to get back into the editor! Any help greatly appreciated…

    …. I got back into the functions.php using filezille and found there was still some wrong code stuck in there which I cleared out and now I’m back with the site – and still with the pop up windows…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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