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  • I’ve tried a lot of different suggestions from forum threads and nothing seems to be working. I am using Responsive Child Theme but I also activated Jetpack and can Edit CSS in Appearance.

    I want to remove About, Videos, Shop – I think they’re h1 – from the top of my pages before content. I tried to display: none with some code for page .entry-title but it didn’t work and it removed all of my post titles.

    Also, not the menu but there’s a little navigation menu that pops up in the top left, for example, if you go to the Tutorials tab in menu you’ll see home> videos.

    I also don’t want to mess with SEO as I’m trying to build my business. Any help with this would be so appreciated.

    Thank You!

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  • Hi beccastarr,

    why do you want to remove these headlines? The h1 headline on these pages is actually good for SEO and if you get rid of it, there won’t be any h1 headlines on these sites anymore.

    Also the “little navigation menu” in the top left, that is a breadcrumb navigation which actually won’t hurt SEO, it might even benefit SEO and also helps to improve usability.

    If you want to disable the breadcrumb navigation, please have a look at the options of your theme or SEO plugin and check if there is an option to disable the breadcrumbs. If there isn’t, then you can only modify the code or hide it by adding this to CSS:

    .breadcrumb-list { display: none; }


    Hi Michael,

    Thank You. It seems redundant. If I work on other SEO strategies, how can I remove it, do you know? The breadcrumbs option worked, it was an option to disable. Thanks!

    I’m not sure of you still need help but use

    .post-title { display: none; }

    And they are history and you always can bring them back later.

    Thank You Jack. They are pages actually. And I tried to do a similar edit but it didn’t remove them. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

    Hi beccastarr,

    .post-title { display: none; }

    Will remove all titles (also blog titles etc…), but that is not what you want. You will have to trigger the page with the ID and then remove the title, e.g.:

    #post-25 .post-title { display: none; }

    That will remove e.g. the heading on the “About” page.


    How can I remove headlines for my homepage on Responsive Theme? I have already removed content by using:
    #featured p {

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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