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[Resolved] Remove or Replace link on title and image

  • Hello,

    This is an awesome addon, I love it, and am glad I found it.
    Just a question here about a change I need..

    Is it possible to change the link on the “Name:” field and the link on the image so that they also open the site with which I’m linking to.

    I don’t really need the extra page that opens when someone clicks on the name or image link, so would appreciate being able to change that.

    Also, is it possible to have a 2nd site address added kind of like a custom field in which specific pages can be pointed to?

    Can I make these changes to a child form so it doesn’t affect updates?



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  • As an additional note here, I guess I’d need to remove the “View” button as well.

    Thank you,


    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Hi Marian,

    All fields in BD can be renamed, added or deleted under Directory Admin->Manage Form Fields. You can handle those functions under there.

    We don’t support “child forms”, only the main form. But you can customize the templates for list and detail views. Here is an article about how to use custom CSS with Business Directory in a way that doesn’t get overwritten on upgrade of BD: http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/support-forum/faq/how-to-use-custom-styles-with-bd-2-1/ (that’s the easy way) And for full template overrides, see this article here: http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/support-forum/faq/customizing-bd-to-fit-your-theme/

    The “extra page” is the detail view, and that cannot be disabled at this time without you directly modifying the plugin. The View button is basically the same thing, just another way to get to it.

    thank you, but I’d already figured out how to change the css, and am not even sure what that had to do with my question in the first place.

    Sooooo, I’m willing then, how would I go about changing that code to remove the link on title/name, image, and the view button? I just don’t want that additional page to open, I don’t need it and think it’s confusing to my visitors as to why it’s there.


    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    To do something like that, you’ll need to modify the plugin directly. IN this case, it’s something that affects several files so you should spend a little time getting familiar with the code to make sure you catch them all.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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