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Remove navigation ribbon

  • Hi there,

    I use the Delicacy theme and it comes with a ribbon behind the navigation links. I would like to remove it entirely and was able to remove part of it, but there is still a green bar above the links.

    I would also like to remove the search bar that appears in the header (the one in the sidebar is fine) and can’t seem to find the chunk of code to eliminate it.

    Could you please help me locate which sets of CSS code pertain to each of the issues above so that I can remove the items?

    Thanks a bunch!!


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  • WPyogi


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    Unless you post a link to your site, it’s totally impossible to help with things like this…

    Alternatively, use Firebug to help you find which CSS to modify.

    Sorry about that… http://www.theroastedroot.net/ I’ve been using firebug and still am having a difficult time locating the appropriate code for the search bar in the header and the green navigation line



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    What changes have you made and how did you make them? It does not look like you are using a child theme — which is a problem if you changed any theme files (not theme options) — as all your changes will be lost when the theme is updated.

    Also, it looks like you duplicated the search form? That caused some mark-up errors on the page — as you cannot have duplicate ID’s on a page:




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    The green ribbon in the nav bar is a background image — so you can change that in the CSS — after you’ve created a child theme…

    add this to the child theme’s style.css file:

    #navigation {
        background: #XXXXXX;

    put the color you want for the hex code (x’s)

    For removing the search box, you’ll need to look in the header.php file. Or you can hide it using the CSS “display: none;” but that won’t solve the duplicate ID problem noted above.

    Thank you for the help! I created a child directory and child style.css sheet. Alright, I’m a little lost. I know I need to install the child theme on the WordPress dashboard but do not see how to do that when I go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. I’m not even sure the parent theme is installed correctly at this point…

    I’m not sure how I duplicated the search form, and I’m still having a difficult time locating the code that made it a duplicate.

    Also, if I change the header css, do I put the new header code sheet in the child directory too?



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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