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    I would like to remove Multisite function as I am not currently using it and it is interfering with the Child Theme I am using. I only have 1 site right now. How do I uninstall, and if I choose to later, and the Theme gets fixed, can I reinstall Multisite?

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  • If you remove it properly (all the extra tables) you can enable it again later.

    Tho the only way I can think of it interfering with a theme is timthumb.

    I actually said that wrong. It is a plug-in not a theme. I have a plug-in from iThemes that allows me to post scrolling blog posts from specified categories and apparently it is having problems with the Multisite feature. Unless you can suggest another plug-in that would do the same feature?

    Are you trying to get posts from across the network, or just within one blog?

    Becasue there’s no plugin I know of that will pull that across the network. (could be fudged tho.)

    And without knowing exactly how it’s not working for you (did you ask the ithemes guys?) I can’t really suggest anything.

    Just within the one blog. I only have one site active, but had intentions of others later. I just set it up as Multisite for later use.

    I have been in contact with the ithemes guys, and they are aware of the bug but no idea on a fix or timeframe yet.

    tell them I said they could email us. 🙂

    LOL I am learning that the key to all this is patience.

    Pretty much, yes.

    One more question…what do I do with the 1 blog I already have installed that I want to keep as my main blog? And do I have to reinstall any of the plugins, or will they stay put?

    Leave the main blog and leave the plugins. Cuz that’s what you started with.

    Just to clarify, I added it after installing multisite. So, is it considered a sub-site, or since it is the first and only 1 installed is it considered the main site? I don’t need to back-up and reimport or anything?

    Thanks again. Sorry for the newbie question. : )

    Is the URL of the blog your main domain? Yes? then leave it. It will stay.

    HELP!!!! I followed directions then went in to log-in to WP admin and got “Error Establishing Database Connection.” Luckily, I backed everything up before changing. What next? Thanks again!

    Okay, I restored my database, leaving the .htaccess and wp-config files I already corrected the same. I got the site back, but the SuperAdmin is still there? Any suggestions?

    Woo hoo! I fixed it all by my little self. Seems I somehow managed to NOT save the changes to the .htaccess and wp-config files when editing. Duh! Thanks for all the help, Andrea!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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