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  • in simple-events-calendar.php there is some incorrect logic when determining whether to display the link:

    On line 803 instead of :

    if(isset($event[‘event_url’]) ) { $evt_url = ‘<div…

    change to this to check for empty string:

    if(isset($event[‘event_url’]) && $event[‘event_url’] != “”) { $evt_url = ‘<di

    Many thanks for that code – greatly appreciated. It worked and removed the More information field which is great. However, as other posters have requested, it would be a bonus to have only events with completed fields displayed and not display fields with blanks. For example, my site is about family history and quite often historical walks are done around a number of suburbs. It just gets messy if I have to always fill in the Location field.

    Still, a great little calendar.

    BTW could I use similar code on the other fields too to check for the empty string?

    Oh, one other thing, the code removes the More information link, but then makes the Where info into a link – see Upcoming Events on this page:
    Did I miss something?

    Looks like there’s another if statement you have to modify to fix the Location text / url. Try adding another empty string check where that URL is constructed:

    Line 793:
    if(isset($event[‘event_loc’]) && isset($event[‘event_loc_url’]) && $event[‘event_loc_url’] != “”)

    And just so you know I am not the plugin developer…just a user who had the same problem:)

    Hi dmancusi
    I did realise that you were not the developer and I am very grateful that you took the time to provide me with a solution. That has fixed the problem of making the Where into a link so it now works as it should. Many, many thanks for your help with this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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