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    Upgraded to 5.8 and I am little baffled at the “load More” button now sitting in my add media window. Many times I have to scroll through the media library quickly to find something. Now I have to stop, click on a button and wait, then scroll, click on a button and wait… I looked to see if there is any kind of button or option to hit to stop this from happening. I can’t find anything about this at all.

    I appreciate any help to remove this unnecessary nuisance. Please stop adding things we do not need. It’s bad enough we are dealing with Gutenturd.

    If I missed something please let me know, I am not above eating a little crow.

    Thank you!

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  • @meisterleise:
    It may be under your images. It is on mine. The reason is that the ul that contains the images is NOT inside the div.attachments_wrapper that contains the .load-more-wrapper. Therefore, there is no positional relationship to allow the load more button to get pushed below the thumbnails.

    In any case, I am in complete agreement that this is a terrible UX decision. But I can confirm that @njwp found a solution. Just yet another line of code to add to every functions.php file that we should not need.

    Hi All, I’ve been using Word-press for 8 years and this is the first post I’ve ever made within the word-press core itself. I’m adding my voice to those saying that this is a terrible idea. I administer my multi thousand image website from half a World away from my server and never noticed a problem with infinite scroll. This was a “problem” that I would say barely anyone ever noticed. Now it IS a problem that will have many, many people grinding their teeth – myself included. Please add an option to simply turn it off. Thank You so much to @njwp for sorting this out via a function.

    Umair Hashmi


    @njwp Thanks man you saved my day. This feature is definitely a bad user experience.



    After updating I got another problem aside from the “load more” button – if Im editing a product and want to insert a new picture, the library only show the picture allready added, so I need to click on “Filter media”, select another Filter, then back to “picture” and all pictures appear again.

    adding the “media library infinity scroll plugin” fix this issue too!



    The current change seems like a bug for most users. The first time I encountered the “load more” button, I thought it was the theme messing up WordPress.

    There is several options the WordPress team should consider:

    1. Offer a setting to enable infinite scrolling in the media library.
    2. Automatically detect screen readers and users who have problems using the infinite scrolling and only these users the “read more” button.
    3. Analyze if people with screen readers really have problems with the infinite scrolling – I am not sure why people with screen readers should not be able to scroll down for more pictures?

    For “normal” users this change is a nightmare. If you want to quickly find pictures in a normal install with like 200 pictures the “read more” button completely slows you down.



    Well done @njwp!
    How often does ‘improving the user experience’ actually do the opposite? It’s done by people thinking they know what’s good for you when they actually don’t. In this instance it’s lazy thinking not to provide the option of infinite scrolling.

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    As (1) the original request has been resolved and (2) most of the rest is just “I don’t like this”, I’m going to close this topic now.

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