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  • This is the second time that’s happening to me.

    I’m done with writing my post, i would like to set some options, and hit some textlink like ” TrackBack a URI: (Sepa.. ” or “Categories” by accident.

    The site is loading my posting is gone! Great.. backbutton doesnt help.

    That IS highly annoying. I wrote like half an hour or more on that article and now its gone cause those stupid links in the posting section aren’t popup- or newwindow-links.

    Besides, i dont think they are well placed anyways. Why should i be reading about trackbacks or categories more then once? They just don’t need to be at the “write post” page. If you read them once they are completly useless and lead to troubles like i had..

    Please fix that: Make them target=_blank or something, or how about adding a questionmark at the right (?) with a title-tag and the link.. dont link the sentence …

    i bet that happend to alot more other users.

    damn.. now i dont feel like posting anymore.. cant write the same again. grrrrrrrr :/

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  • You wrote for half an hour and didn’t save? That IS annoying.

    There is really no need to be sarcastic about that 🙂

    Though, I rarely write directly into the post pane, the problem is common and happens even to seasoned veterans, all the time.

    But now, perhaps there would be a remedy to this if AJAX could be introduced into the write post section.

    I refer to e.g. InetWord HTML Editor

    If you intend to write lengthy posts consider using an offline blogging tool like Ecto, W.Bloggar, Zempft and so on.

    Use the WP admin posting box for quick entries.

    This has bit me in the ass enough times, I’ve learned now. 🙂 Worse yet when you write for a while and your damn cookie expires on you..that just drives me mad..


    At first I didn’t know WTF you were talking about. I didn’t see the link. Then I switched into “Simple Controls” mode for the Write Post, and I saw it. And yes, I’d agree that in that spot, it might be a good idea to pop it up. Or reduce the size of the link. However, if you switch to the Advanced Controls setting, that kind of problem goes away (as the link then won’t exist.)


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I had this happen to me once. After a lot of swearing I edited the admin files so that there are NO links to anywhere here just in case something got clicked.

    Thanks tg, I never figured out what the problem was that was such a big deal and the back button works fine on my browsers so nothing is lost when the links are clicked. But I have pretty fine control with my mouse and I don’t click links by accident like that.

    That being said, in “Advanced Controls” I have edited the timestamp and inadvertently clicked the “Delete” button just beneath (expecting it to be a “Save”). Now that is even more annoying because it is even harder to blame WP or someone else as it clearly says “Delete” My mantra while editing a post is “Scroll up and save, scroll up and save…” 😉

    Yes, I too, was buffled a bit about the “Trackback a …” part. I even checked a 1.6a installation looking for it untill tg’s post.

    Though, I set my write post pane to advanced controls from the beginning. That is just to show, how we all are hooked on some habits regardless that we know better.

    True, it is your own skin to learn on and experience is what makes one cautious but it is really annoying that online work is still an uncertainty.

    That is why I like databases: one record edited at a time and saved immediately.

    But, just always to repeat the caution, is a standstill, from my point of view. Now, at least, there is a possibility to solve this issue using AJAX, that is why I urge to consider this issue.

    Our mind is subject to power cut sometimes, just like electricity 🙂

    I don’t understand how AJAX can help in this situation…. but that maybe due to the fact that I don’t fully understand AJAX either (I do get the concept, just not the intricasies (sp?))

    My own opin is this:
    1) that much text shouldn’t be clickable in such a small screen
    2) What should be clicakble is a [?] next to it
    3) it realy should open a new window in this case

    But that’s just this gnome’s opinion. Take it or leave it for what it’s worth (about 2 cents – and that’s after inflation!)


    Never heard of AJAX except here and also don’t understand all the ballyhoo, but then I am old school – “Don’t write a check your butt can’t cover and save as you go.” So “Save and continue” is all I need, the rest should be developed as plugins. WP has really improved. however, an argument can be made for a bit of “bloat creep” in the last couple of versions.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I agree with your last point Beel 🙂

    Yeah, old school!
    I am 110100 🙂

    I would not prolong this thread, I beg your pardon for my insistence. Just for the record:

    There are several aspects of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), the main point here is that there is the possibility to partially save data without reloading the whole page.A nice demo can be found here:

    Style Editor

    That was my 2 cents (the last one)

    Thank you, for your patience 🙂

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