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  • If I can’t disable the links from the slider, can I at least change the cursor hover style (for the slider only) so that the links are hidden?

    please specify the link to the website. I will be helpful to assist you

    Thanks for the response!

    Unfortunately I’m running on a localhost.

    I know that at the least I should be able to use a cursor: default tag somewhere but it doesn’t seem to be working. However, I’m hoping I can nullify the hyperlinks so that the slider is just a slideshow and nothing more.

    can you specify which slider you are using… is it come with any theme or plugin

    the attitude theme slider

    I have exactly the same issue 🙁

    @maatspecterr & @sasori
    Sorry for the delayed reply .
    I give two methods to handle this.

    1st method[not recommended]
    I have modified the file
    and removed the hyperlink anchor tag.

    Here is the pastebin version.
    Please backup the file before doing the change. I should also inform you that this might be overridden when you update the theme on the next release.

    2nd Method[safe & tested]
    The best way to accomplish this is to go by using child theme.
    I have created a child theme which you can use to remove the link in the slider this is the best way to handle this.

    This gives the basic child theme structure to do more customization refer the wordpress codex for child theme

    Well… I tried several times to change the header-extensions.php but I always failed >_<

    But anyway, thanks to your child theme everything is PERFECT.

    So HUGE THANKS <3 <3 <3 <3

    Glad to know my effort has helped you.
    Can you post your website URL. So that others can see the change.

    I work in localhost. But When the site is ready no problem I’ll post a link 🙂

    @sasori Thats great
    @mattspecter You can mark this post resolved if it worked for you too.

    I’m sure this will work, but need to double-check something:

    I’m already using a child theme that I have made significant changes to, and I don’t want to lose all those changes. What is the best way to proceed?

    Should I copy YOUR child theme to my localhost, do not install it, then change MY child theme CSS so that it points to YOUR child theme?

    Should I copy your header-extensions.php to overwrite mine since I’m already using a child theme?

    I’m relatively new to this so want to check before I break anything.

    Thanks for your help so far!

    I’d suggest that you fork your existing child theme (ie make a new copy) and work on the forked version if you want to try something out.

    @mattspeceter Download the child theme of mine and copy the functions.php file from it and place it in your child theme.
    also follow the steps which I guided for implementation.

    sounds good – one last detail before I dive in:

    In what directory do I put YOUR functions.php file within my child theme? Right now my child theme is only the blank stylesheet pointing to attitude. Does the functions.php file go in the same directory or do I need to create a new one?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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