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  • I’m OK with WP displaying date and author on my posts, but both of those are links. Author goes to a profile page I’m not choosing to fill out (the whole site is mine, I have an About page for that). And the date link goes to a “static” page on my site, for no reason I can discern!

    I’m running a child theme of Twenty Ten. My blog postings page never gets to the single post, single column view (I’ve inquire here about that before, but no response)–so I am not entirely clear which template page is actually in use.

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  • Themes and Child-Themes decide what is display and what is not, as well as style of the website and the linking within the titles and post meta information.

    You can edit your theme if you want to remove some of the links or direct them to another page. The TwentyTen theme has a twentyten_posted_on function that prints out the meta data about the post. It can be found in the functions.php file, on line 499. This doesn’t account for your child-theme, which may or may not modify that.

    index.php is the most generic template for web pages and is most often the home page. single.php is the template file for single posts. page.php is the template for pages.

    I’ll post later about, “My blog postings page never gets to the single post, single column view”, I need to look into it since I’ve never used it.

    Off Topic

    Your other topic, “not getting to single post view” is marked as resolved and does have replies, if that is what your talking about when you said, “(I’ve inquire here about that before, but no response)”.

    onecolumn-page.php is the name of the template with one column, no sidebar. You can easily select it when editing pages, but the same is not true for posts. If you want to have a single post to use that template, just copy and paste that template file in the same folder, then rename it to post-id.php, where id is replaced with the actual ID of that post, e.g. 3. The page in the Codex has related information.

    OK, I’ll try all that tomorrow.

    Sorry for my haste: two of my three posts before this are unanswered; this one got “resolved” in that I was happy enough to get my links to stop messing up, not in the sense that I actually got to the single post one column page, which I was under the impression was default for single posts. I guess not. It’s not a big issue for me except it left me wondering what was going on.

    NOW I’ve found some MORE messed-up links (I think maybe there was a day the RC was doing something odd with automatic links, and I haven’t caught all the results yet). And, cleaning them up, have got the meta date to just refresh the page, and the author name to go to a redundant “author archive” page. Better than at first, but still kind of pointless. I’ll still want to try your suggestions–maƱana.

    My child theme has modified only style.css and header.php, so I think I’m working with 2010 for the post meta.

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