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    I had fairly heavily modified an existing theme to look the way I want in terms of colours, layout, etc.

    Today, I wanted to try to change the sidebar to have a different sidebar on different pages but couldn’t get it to work properly (note: I am NOT a programmer/coder, I do all this by trial and error, learning a little along the way). In going back to the default of the same sidebar appearing everywhere, I’ve managed to somehow get excess lines in between the sidebar list items. I’ve tried simply uploading the original sidebar.php file for the theme again but that didn’t work.

    How do I go about removing the excess lines?


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  • You need to d/l and install firebug(

    This is works with firefox to allow you to point to/change css on the fly. Once you find your solution you can go into the code and change what needs to be changed.

    The css properties you most likely need to change are line-height and margin.

    I’m not sure it’s a CSS problem. I didn’t touch the style sheet when I was working on the sidebar. Once I find the solution, I can make the change in the admin panel of my blog. Not really sure I need a separate tool for that.

    You can also use firefox’s and IE developer tools. I prefer them over firebug.
    The line of code you want to edit is in charcoal/style.css
    look for the a tag and remove the border declaration.
    It has a rule for a dotted bottom border.

    Guys, I didn’t touch the style sheet when I was making my changes. Didn’t touch it. How can it be a style sheet issue if it looked fine before and I didn’t touch the style sheet in making my changes this time?

    Well, you could sort out the errors in the stylesheet, for a start.

    I’m sorry, but I have to be blunt. Did you read the qualifier I put in my original post? I’m not a programmer/coder. I don’t understand coding language. What you’ve posted means nothing to me. It’s like me asking someone who’s never touched a camera to teach someone else how to use one.

    Yes – I read it. And the bottom line is that your theme has some significant problems. Either you sort them out yourself or you consider employing a professional to do the work for you.

    That’s helpful. Nice. Glad to see this community is open to helping others who aren’t as versed in the world of programming.

    Bottom line is this: It worked prior to my trying to change the sidebar today and I didn’t touch the style sheet today. So tell me how it can suddenly be a problem with the style sheet?

    I can only report on what I see. Your theme’s stylesheet is badly broken – full stop. Attempting to correct your sidebar spacing problem – which is a CSS issue, by the way – would be a fruitless exercise until the errors were resolved. As you have said, you’re not a programmer/coder. I am.

    If you do not have the skills to correct the issues, don’t want to learn them and don’t want to employ someone, you could always try another theme.

    Three experienced people have now told you that it’s a CSS issue – yet you refuse to accept this. Why?

    Because it doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t have shown up before when I didn’t touch the style sheet today in the work I was doing. I take virtually nothing at face value. I need to try to understand what’s happening. If someone can tell me why the problem with the sidebar wouldn’t have shown up previously but did today, that’s great. If not, then I remain skeptical. If it is a style sheet error and someone can give me a more specific place to look aside from style.css or ‘look for a tag’ that too is great.

    And I’ve corrected the errors on the style sheet. As a non-programmer those weren’t what I would consider as serious errors, more sloppiness than anything else. There are now several warnings about same colours being used in multiple places but that’s fine.

    As far as trying another theme, no. It took me a good deal of time to modify the one I was using. It now has the look I want; coding errors aside, so redoing that work isn’t a desirable option.


    div#sidebar ul li {
        margin-bottom: 25px;

    Try reducing that value.

    Thank you.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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