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    This slide plugin is nearly perfect.

    1. Can we remove all the inline javascript styles? This is the core problem. Without the inline styles, we could easily override the CSS in a number of ways.

    2. I’ve made a new custom skin. It’s not being applied even though I picked it in the Admin.

    3. When I created a custom skin in addition to sample, I received an error that settings.php was missing. Easy to fix by copying the default.

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  • To create new skin in Smooth Slider you have to create folder inside smooth-slider=> css => skins folder with your skin name, and inside that 3 files are necessary i.e. functions.php, settings.php and style.css

    In functions.php file you have to create all function and array name with your skin name.
    for exampale, in default skin functions are like

    function smooth_post_processor_default

    you need to change function name with your skin name(replace default) like,

    function smooth_post_processor_newskin

    if you are taking reference from default skin’s functions.php then only change name “default” with your skin name.

    In settings.php you need to change array name. It should with your skin name.

    Let me know if it helps,

    Thank you,


    Thank you. It worked perfectly.

    Details for those that are trying this: duplicate the default folder and rename it a single word name i.e., “custom”.

    in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/smooth-slider/css/skins/[skinname]/functions.php

    line 2 replace smooth_post_processor_default with smooth_post_processor_[skinname]
    line 3 replace $skin='terma'; with $skin='[skinname]';
    line 181 replace smooth_slider_get_default with smooth_slider_get_[skinname]
    line 182 replace $skin='terma'; with $skin='[skinname]';
    line 289 replace smooth_data_processor_default with smooth_data_processor_[skinname]
    line 290 replace $skin='terma'; with $skin='[skinname]';

    in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/smooth-slider/css/skins/[skinname]/settings.php

    Lines 2 and 3 replace $default_settings_default with $default_settings_[skinname]

    Reupload to /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/smooth-slider/css/skins/[skinname]/

    Return to the Dashboard and Smooth Slider. Under Basic Controls, change the first item to your new skin. Save.

    If you get an error, you messed up an edit. Start over.


    In-line CSS:

    for those wanting to remove it, the inline CSS is added in the /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/smooth-slider/css/skins/[skinname]/functions.php

    It’s scattered throughout.
    Example: Look at line 161. This is one version of the <h2>.


    This will zap the inline CSS.

    Repeat where you see similar code.

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