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    Anti spam plugin, is the lightest antibot spam plugin I have found. Not only works fine, but also is light and fast.

    To that regard, is a bit contradictory, to make it depend on jQuery, since according to what I saw, it is only used in js/anti-spam-3.5.js to perform some simple DOM manipulations.

    I do not know if you are interested in removing the dependecy, but if so, I can volunteer myself for converting it from jQuery to raw document.XXX functions.


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  • Wow. It would be awesome to re-write the plugin in pure javascript.

    I totally agree that jQuery is overkill in this case but I haven’t enough time to re-write code without it.

    Are you planning to re-write it and send me an updated version of the plugin?

    Or do you want me to create a git repo for it?

    P.S. By the way Barca is my favorite football club 🙂

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    Nice. I have performed a quick conversion, that I am now testing on my site.

    In the meantime, you can get it at:

    Would be very nice if you can do a code review to it in the meantime.


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    I have been running the plugin with my Javascript conversion, and during 4 hours, it detected about 25 spam comments, so I guess modifications are working properly.

    Also, I tested it using user comments with Opera, Internet Explorer, and Chrome and they were posted fine.

    Then I tried with Lynx (without Javascript), and manually entering the year, worked too.

    So I guess, my code is OK. If it is fine to you, I would suggest releasing a public beta, so we can asure it will work in different blog configurations. Makes sense?

    Força Barça!

    Wow. You are quick.
    Your code looks great for me.
    I will give it a try on my websites for a week or two.
    During the next week I will do a public beta as you suggest for everyone to review and try before release the next major version.

    Thank you very much for your contribution.
    This will speed up thousands of websites!

    P.S. Barca’s Tiki-Taka is the best teamplay skills ever!
    Star-team and not team of stars 🙂

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    That’s good.

    I could expect some minor glitches after the conversion, so let me know, and I will take care of them.


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    I have updated the JS with some minor tweaks. Find it on same URL:

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    Hi @webvitaly,

    How is it going with your testing? Was everything OK?


    Hi @gutibitacorascom,

    I have couple issues/questions I cannot solve by myself.
    Do you have any ideas about them?

    1) When I am not hiding control with class “.antispam-control-q” – the value inside of it is still the plugin’s version and not the year. But when I try to submit it – I got the “year” value. I think jQuery was able to change the value of the input during viewing it.
    Try to comment line and visit page with comment form without being logged in:
    aElements[iElement].style.display = 'none';

    2) When I am trying t submit post data I got “antspm-q” value twice.
    I think that the issue comes with adding extra dynamic_control via javascript.

    comment:comment test
    submit:Post Comment

    I reproduced these issues on Win7, Chrome 45, WordPress 4.3.1 and Twenty Fifteen theme.

    Hey @gutibitacorascom,

    I made a 4.0.beta version.
    You may download Anti-Spam version 4.0.beta from this page.

    All inputs are visible for debug purposes.

    The main issue is that the value of the input with class “.antispam-control-q” is not changed and form is submitting with the incorrect answer.
    It is very strange because the Chrome debug tools shows the correct updated answer.

    The form was working for you because you ware overriding this value with dynamically added input (dynamic_control) and this is why there are two values with the same name.

    I changed the name of the dynamic_control input for not overlapping these two inputs.

    P.S. I also update some code parts for the sake of readability.
    I know that your code works a little bit faster, but IMHO in this case there are not too many DOM manipulations and probably micro-optimizations does not worth it.

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    Thanks for the testing and the beta.

    I think that the problem is on the initialization, being called before the whole document is loaded. To that extent, I guess that removing the initialization control and allowing it to initialize more than one time, will be the workarround:

    if (anti_spam_initialized)

    I think that the problem are on different events launched for initialization, they are there because DOMContentLoaded is not supported in all browsers, but in that case when DOMContentLoaded is supported, onload has already fired.

    Will take a look at some events improvements to just initialize once.

    Looking at your updated code, I would suggest precalculating items lenght before the loop, just to avoid counting the lenght of the elements on each iteration.

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    Maybe we can use only DOMContentLoaded since most browsers already support it:

    What do you think about this simplification?

    Probably we can use only DOMContentLoaded if it will drop only IE8 support.
    Can we still maintain ajax requests and add changes to form after comments form was loaded via ajax?

    I googled about length and .length will touch DOM after each iteration.
    Yeah, I agree now, it is better to precalculate length before every loop.

    Can you update the beta version with your changes for DOMContentLoaded and share your updated version?
    Because I could make some mistakes there because of lack of javascript experience 🙂

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    I replaced initialization event by only DOMContentLoaded, which simplifies code a lot, since it is only firing once (no need to check if already was initialized).

    This fixed also the year textfield not filling properly according to my tests.

    Also moved the length out of the loop scopes in order to increase performance.

    As for the ajaxSuccess replacement, there is not a raw pure Javascript substitute. In fact this ajax event, is only taking care of AJAX requests managed by jquery, so if a plugin does an ajax request, it will not be captured. So not very reliable IMHO.

    Take a look at the updated version at and let me know if any concerns.


    Thank you very much for your help.

    Your code updates looks good for me.
    I will test it for a few days and let you know if any updates will comes up.

    All the best.

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    Let me know if you notice any other problem.

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