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  • On our site, after an employer enters all the info for their job posting and presses submit, they are taken to a 2nd page to ‘preview’ their submittal. Is there a way to turn off this 2nd page? We’d like it to function in a way that when the employer presses submit, they are done. Currently, the preview page is confusing our employers and they aren’t seeing the 2nd submit button that’s required. As a result, approx 30-40% of job postings aren’t completed fully and therefore not getting posted to our board.

    For context, due to the formatting challenges, we do not have employers copy/paste their job descriptions. Rather, we ask them to submit all the pertinent info (company name, job title, job location, application URL, etc.) and we enter the description on the back-end.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • So interesting where folks get confused–we haven’t experienced this, but (with WC Paid Listings enabled) we have had employers get confused by the “Choose a package” button (the submission flow with WC Paid Listings that we’ve chosen changes the “Submit” button on the preview page to “Choose a package” for posting the job).

    We’ve wondered whether changing the the text of the “Choose a package” button to “Next step” or using CSS to highlight it would help, but we haven’t tried this yet (though we have added an overview at the top of the form that shows the submission process, as in: “Preview -> Choose a package -> etc.”).

    Hopefully, someone else can help with how to remove the preview page, but -in the meantime- what if you changed the Step #1 text to something like “Complete the form below by entering your job opening, previewing it, and then submitting it to us” and/or changed the text of the “Submit” button to “Preview submission” or something similar that telegraphed that there is a preview step before submitting–maybe this would help?

    you can skip the preview step with this code

     * Remove the preview step. Code goes in theme functions.php or custom plugin.
     * @param  array $steps
     * @return array
    function custom_submit_job_steps( $steps ) {
    	unset( $steps['preview'] );
    	return $steps;
    add_filter( 'submit_job_steps', 'custom_submit_job_steps' );
     * Change button text (won't work until v1.16.2)
    function change_preview_text() {
    	return __( 'Submit Job' );
    add_filter( 'submit_job_form_submit_button_text', 'change_preview_text' );
     * Since we removed the preview step and it's handler, we need to manually publish jobs
     * @param  int $job_id
    function done_publish_job( $job_id ) {
    	$job = get_post( $job_id );
    	if ( in_array( $job->post_status, array( 'preview', 'expired' ) ) ) {
    		// Reset expirey
    		delete_post_meta( $job->ID, '_job_expires' );
    		// Update job listing
    		$update_job                  = array();
    		$update_job['ID']            = $job->ID;
    		$update_job['post_status']   = get_option( 'job_manager_submission_requires_approval' ) ? 'pending' : 'publish';
    		$update_job['post_date']     = current_time( 'mysql' );
    		$update_job['post_date_gmt'] = current_time( 'mysql', 1 );
    		wp_update_post( $update_job );
    add_action( 'job_manager_job_submitted', 'done_publish_job' );

    upload this code to your childthemes function.php

    this can either be done via translating the wc-paid listings plugin. Downlaod the .mo and .po files, make the changes you need and upload them to this directory on your server. Easiest way to handle translations is via “PO Edit”
    Otherwise, you can edit the template “package-selection” of the wc-paid-listings plugin. Do your changes and upload it to this directory of your server to keep it upgrade save

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault




    Thank you both! Our Developer was able to create a child to test the code and it worked.

    Another question – is there a way to alter the success page message? It’s very basic and not very prominent.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


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