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  • This request is a general request for the wordpress software. It has it’s uses for hosted blogs that can’t add plugins that may offer this functions.

    For self-hosted instances of wordpress there might be other ways, but they might be inconvenient.

    For blogs at I already asked if that would be possible.

    At Dashboard>Comments it is possible to remove the URL by clicking on the little x behind the URL a commentator entered.

    I’m now requesting the same function to remove the IP address. Should there be problems with this approach the IP address could be replaced with instead of being removed.

    This serves privacy reasons. To me the IP addresses do not serve a purpose after the comment was approved and considered legit. I’d like to “forget” the IP address to be unable to do anything (whatsoever) with it.

    Further an Editor (at least) can see IP addresses on comments made in the past.

    Single IP addresses don’t help me, but I might be able to see when one changes its ISP or when he/she is traveling or moved to another country. (Like researchers that got data from Yahoo Mail could tell that x persons moved form country A to country B)

    It’s others peoples privacy I’m concerned about.

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  • You can hide it on .org if you really wanted, but there’s no need to. Anyone who can edit comments can see the IP, and that’s for your protection (trolls suck). Besides, your analytics software and your server are logging the IP anyway. This is a good thing to have.

    Anyone commenting should know their information is being logged. I can see your IP address here, and if you became a spammer, I’d know how to track it back and block you.

    I can see your IP address here, and if you became a spammer, I’d know how to track it back and block you.

    You would need only the IP address I was spamming with to track me. Blocking by IP is rather useless, but since posting requires to be registered you can block my email-address and/or my username.

    However I understand that it serves a purpose and I’m fine with logging IP’s in the first place.

    Still I want to be able to “forget” them, maybe others want that, too. I consider it a minor change since it should be the same function as it is for URLs.

    Thank you for your points.

    Oh I agree that blocking by IP is singularly useless for blocking, but for behaviorial tracking, it’s a godsend 🙂

    Speaking as one who admins a lot of forums and blogs, it’s been very helpful to combat trolls, who are dinks and like to make multiple accounts and pretend to be other people.

    I agree that it’s incredible useful against trolls, especially when the use different accounts. I also agree that it makes impersonation harder.

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