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  • Dear All,

    i’ve been trying to get rid of the ‘hover’ feature in the theme ‘WP Perfect’ for my website, as it slows down the load-time of the site. It turns out it is an unnecessary CSS coding. I tried editing the stylesheet.css (manually removed all ‘hover’ text) but the hover programming is still intact. Could someone please guide me?


    My site speed is around 7 secs, according to google webmaster’s PageSpeed plugin and I’m trying to bring that down as much as possible.

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  • Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    I don’t think that WP Perfect theme is slow at all:


    There must be either the plugin that slows your site down, or your hosting provider.

    Well, it’s certainly faster than other themes I’ve come across according to Google Webmaster Central’s site, “on average, pages in my site take 6.7 seconds to load. This is slower than 85% of sites.” I installed the W3 total cache plugin and it helped cut off about a second from the load time. I can further reduce the size (according to the PageSpeed plugin) by eliminating useless bits of coding (this hover function improves the theme’s appearance, but I’d like to focus on speed right now).

    I minified the plugins (total of 7 essential ones) through the W3 cache plugin, but the speed is still pretty high.

    It could also be because I have 5 posts on the front page – I’d like to reduce that but don’t know how.

    Any idea which other theme could help me here?



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    It could also be because I have 5 posts on the front page – I’d like to reduce that but don’t know how.

    ‘dashboard’ ‘settings’ ‘reading’ ‘blog page show at most [ ] posts’ (or so)

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    No, not really, post do not slow the site speed that much. Number of large images possibly, lots of post on front page with large images, yeah maybe if the images are 800×600.

    W3 cache is good plugin, however there are other things that you could do to speed up your site such as:

    1. CSS Optimization and compression
    2. JS Library compression or minimization

    What I do with every site that I make is this:

    • One stylesheet – i.e. style.css (optimized)
    • One JS file – i.e. scripts.js (minified)
    • Valid Markup – i.e. W3C (

    Keep everything as clean. You probably heared of this before:

    Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein

    Honestly I don’t even use any plugins for cache and sites are running smooth and fast. Everyone can do the same thing.

    Try this add-on for Firefox

    I always recommend to anyone that needs good/clean coded site, especially for people who just started using WordPress.

    Remember: all this might not help much if your host is slow. I switched to HG 2 years ago and everything is blazing fast. Hosting is one of the reasons why some sites are slower in addition to all of the above.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    I also would like to add (if you don’t mind)

    Cufon fonts often slow the site down – an alternative to that is @font-face, either from Google API, or your very own (self-hosted).

    Some will not agree, but most of us who are around web design on daily basis will be happy to hear is that I dropped IE6 support completely long ago. Any designer that still codes their themes around the IE6 are not doing the Internet a favor by hacking JS and CSS. Even poorly implemented PNG fix can and will slow down any site. IE7 is fine, you can freely say no to IE6. Google phased out IE6 for their apps as of last year

    Just follow speed tools and you’ll be all right 🙂

    Sorry for 2nd post.

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