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  • Hello, I am using One Page Express version that comes with Word Press *(non premium)
    All I want to do is remove the page title from the inner pages. I have tried several ‘hide title| plug ins as well as css modifications. Is there a way to do this or is that not possible with the non premium version? Thanks.

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  • I would use a page-id specific identifier if you only want to remove on certain pages (you can find the page id number by looking at the url when you are in page/edit mode).

    Depending on the tag used for your page title you could hide with something such as this

    .page-id-3424 h2 { display:none !important; }

    Change 3424 with your page id. Change h2 for the tag and/or class used for your page titles.

    Leave out the .page-id-### if you want to hide all of them.

    Thanks keighdesign, I am a bit new at this, but will do my best to apply your suggestions. Are these changes done in CSS ?

    Yes, in the customerizer you can find the custom css panel and add it there.
    Your page title might be .entry-title

    If you send your site url I can take a look for you.

    Thanks for your offer. Here is the page, I have temporarily made it public for you to see ( I am still in begining of constution.)
    This is the url I see in page edit mode-
    In this case the word Portfolio would be the page title I am trying to hide.

    This ius what I see under inspect element
    <h1 class=”heading8″>
    Portfolio </h1>

    Try this:

    .post-id-160 h1.heading8 {display:none !important;}

    Thanks again. I tried it but unfortunately,title remains, I tried adding in both the css of the Appearance editor as well as the theme add css and the beaver builder add css and global, none churned the magic wheel.
    I wonder if it’s just not coded to be change able so you get the premium version. Yet I don’t know for sure if premium will allow also, I’m for now moving forward I am going to improvise and keep the page title for but if you have any other suggestions I welcome them.


    Try to use this extra CSS code :

    .page .heading8{
    display:none !important;

    If it’s a page and not a post use .page-id-160

    Try variations:
    .page-id-160 .heading8 h1 {
    display:none ! important;

    .page-id-160 h1 .heading8 {
    display:none ! important;

    If you still need help you can send me your login via email:

    No space between the the exclamation point and the word important !important

    I’m having this problem as well. I only have 9 pages that I want to remove the title from. I tried all of the above code already mentioned and none of it worked. I’m using the Kale theme. Any other ideas? Each of these pages have a header image that already has the name of the page on it and the redundancy is wholly annoying. Thanks

    Has anyone found a remedy? This is driving me nuts.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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