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    I am using the Vantage premium theme and building a website here:

    I basically would like the homepage to be like a ‘splash’ page with just the slider and footer visible, similar to how this looks:

    Is there a way to hide/remove the Menu and Header on JUST the homepage using custom CSS (or any other way)?

    Or could I build this on another page and make it my homepage afterwards?

    Also, is it possible to remove the white space between the slider and footer? Whenever I attempt it with the homepage builder it always reappears.

    Thanks very much for your time and assistance!
    – Adam

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  • Hi there Adam. For questions about Vantage Premium, you can contact SiteOrigin support directly

    This question does apply to the free version too though, so I’ll answer it here in case anyone else needs the answer. All you need is the following CSS.

    .home #masthead{

    You can add this to a child theme or by using a custom CSS editor. There’s one in Jetpack and the premium version of Vantage.

    Works like a charm! Thank you Greg, that worked perfectly for hiding the menu & header on the homepage.

    Is there any way to remove the white space at the bottom between slider and footer? When I delete it with the page builder it always reappears.


    Hello Greg and SCIMEA. Just curious if you found an answer to this question about removing the white space between the slider and the footer. I can’t seem to find a way to remove it either. Also, is there a way to change the background of the header, footer, and white space? I have a background plug-in, but it only is changing the background of the site below the footer.


    `in case anyone else wants to fix this, here is the answer. Just paste this code in your style.css (make sure you use a child theme)

    /*Paste below—————————————*/

    #main {

    padding: 0px;

    body.responsive.layout-full #page-wrapper .full-container {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    max-width: 100%;


    Hi Greg Priday,

    Can I do the removal of the header in the FREE Vantage theme too?
    What is the difference between the premium Vantage from the free version?
    And, also I would like to know how to remove the menu bar?

    Alicx, yes you can use that same code in the free theme. that code will remove the header and menu bar from appearing on the homepage.

    I really recommend you guys get the premium (not affiliated with vantage), but it has a lot of the customizations you guys want without having to mess with code.

    I messed with code cause i never look at theme customizations and was amazed to see half the things I had done could’ve easily been done through the theme’s customizer.

    Jose, can I make the home into a Landing page and would you know how I do that?


    Use the code that Greg provided above. It is custom CSS/changing the way the original theme looks. The recommended way to do this is to create a child theme.

    Look up how to create a wordpress child theme, and you also need to have access to FTP. You basically need to create a new style.css in a new theme folder, and add some code (look up the code on Google).

    Then you’ll add the code that Greg provided and you’ll start seeing how these things affect the layout of your page.

    You will have to make sure to activate the child theme via WordPress, and after that, any changes you make to the child theme will take effect, while keeping everything else the way Greg and Vantage was intended to look.

    Good luck and have fun 🙂


    I had youtube on how to do a child theme but for the style.css what I would need is the same menu bar but without the menu(pages), the Meta slider, the page builder, the side widgets and footer. How do I set that out in the style.css?


    The child theme carries over everything from its parent theme. You will just need to add the customizations to the child theme’s style.css. So if you don’t want the menu, you’ll make that go away, along with everything else you don’t want to appear.

    You want quite a lot of things to disappear…what will be left?


    Does anyone know how to remove the header but not the menu?

    Hi Jessica,
    It might be too late for you now but I removed the header but not the menu on the home page only using this code in the child theme’s stylesheet:

    .home .hgroup {

    To remove it on all pages:

    .hgroup {

    Hi everyone!

    I am new to owning my own website, and I also want to get rid of the header menu on my homepage only… I tried to put in the code Greg gave:

    .home #masthead{

    … But it not only got rid of the header, it got rid of my logo and “slogan” at the top of the page too.

    How can I fix this?

    Hello Caitlin,

    Each thing you see on your website has an ID and a Class. Right-Click on whatever thing you want to deal with/remove and choose from the drop-down “Inspect element”. Then you’ll see what the ID or Class of that object is.

    Then put that specific ID (so that it doesn’t affect everything in that class) like so:

    #idname {


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