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  • Hi my website is (using an old domain to host my blog)
    Is there a way to remove the header from my About page (and subsequent pages)
    Is there a way I can make a blank page or direct a new page I create on my blog to a page I made on my site thats my own design?
    I don’t know much about css so try to explain in as much detail as possible the steps necessary for this..
    Thanks a bunch
    ps.. my theme is mistylook..3.6 (the latest)

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  • i suppose you would remove the header call from your theme’s page.php
    more info on page templates

    Samboli – is it possible for one to create a basic html page of your own design independant of WP and call IT from the page link?

    @ Saurus

    yes you can do that with a redirect plugin
    you simply create a page with a title of your choice
    leave the posting field blank and put “redirect” and the url to redirect to in a custom field below

    read the documentation that comes with the plugin

    Owen’s redirectify
    I use this one on my test site – just rename it to redirectify.php and drop it in the plugins folder and activate it
    in the custom field enter “redirect” without quotes and your url

    Angusman’s redirector plugin

    Well … okay … but wouldn’t it be easier and faster to simply use a direct link from a sidebar to jump to another page using html? Use a DIV and include the name of the page and the link as an h2 element?

    Damn … now I’m going to have to try it and see if it screws up:)

    I like my links/pages to be in the tabs. I would prefer to keep the layout of the page but just not have the header and sidebar.. but that sounds like an incredible lot of css manipulation and it’s way too complicated for me. I’ll settle with this for now maybe I can get the pages I make to look generally the same?
    i will look at that page php link.

    where would my about page php be located in this list when I go to edit


    * 404 Template (404.php)
    * Archives (archive.php)
    * Archives Page Template (page-archives.php)
    * Attachment Template (attachment.php)
    * Comments (comments.php)
    * Contact Page Template (contact.php)
    * Footer (footer.php)
    * Header (header.php)
    * Links Page Template (page-links.php)
    * Main Index Template (index.php)
    * Page Template (page.php)
    * Search Results (search.php)
    * Sidebar (sidebar.php)
    * Single Post (single.php)
    * Theme Functions (functions.php)
    * author.php (author.php)
    * notfound.php (notfound.php)


    * Stylesheet (sty

    UPDATE!! I managed to make a new template capying the single.php hope thats the right one…now any idea how to edit it.. would single php.. be the one to make a copy of for the template or should I have used page template?

    @j ennytc
    you should use the page.php or have a look at this

    @ Saurus
    sure you can easily add a link to the sidebar manually or with the text widget – I thought you wanted a page tab that went to another url

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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