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    Hey guys, I can’t figure out how to remove the >> from the sidebar. I tried just changing the color, but that messed other things up. Please help me out.

    Thank you,
    -Jake Moore

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  • You oughta give the URL of your website. I think what you’re talking about is coded into the stylesheet of certain themes, such as classic/kubrick. Changing themes might give you different behavior. I’m a beginner so I can’t comment on how to modify the CSS, but I think that’s what you’ll need to do to replace >> with spaces.

    I’m building my own theme.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    If you’re building your own theme, then just remove whatever CSS you added that gives you those type of bullets.

    That comes default on the links. I took the default theme and just changed stuff around to build my theme. I can’t find the properties for those little bullets anywhere in the CSS, that’s why I came here for help.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    OK, so you’re not building your own theme, you’re modifying an existing theme. Just to clear that up.

    In your CSS file, look for any element that looks like this:

    li a

    Those bullets are probably done through a background image. Look for something like:

    li { background: url(image.gif) }

    As I’ve said before, that bullet is not in the CSS, I’ve checked. That symbol is created by the following bit of code, and I can’t find it anywhere.
    It would have to be in some PHP file, but I’ve looked through them and haven’t seen it yet.

    1. If you are a beginner, don’t modify the default. It’s a bitch…
    2. You are wrong: the stuff you are complaining about is in the style.css; it starts at line # 389 /* Begin Lists

    the » is inserted by this code:

    .entry ul li:before, #sidebar ul ul li:before {
    	content: "0BB 020";

    lines #406-408.

    I’m not really a beginner, I’ve just never had the need to remove those before. I’ve done my fair share of wp skinning, and I’ve always modded the default, it’s what I work well with.

    also, thank you, you’re a life saver =p I’ve never used the content tag in CSS, so I didn’t know what that did. Thank you 😀

    Thanks a lot for the information. I use Kubrick for simple sites all of the time, but I usually use the bullets. However, I was creating a theme for my 6 year old, and I wanted ladybugs instead this time! I like to never found that code, and I wouldn’t have without your help. Thanks again!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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