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  • Hi,

    I am trying to remove the little grey man image beneath one of my posts but can’t get it to disappear!

    Here is the page with the little grey man image I am speaking of, below the main text:

    I have tried various css style edits to no avail, they include:
    .author.vcard {display: none;}
    .posted-on {display: none;)
    .span.byline {display: none;)
    .before:: {display: none;)
    .meta-post {display: none;)
    .entry-header {display: none;)
    .display-name {display: none;)
    .username {display: none;), div.comment-avatar-box {display:none}

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your help!

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  • Hi things4students,

    To quickly make the icon disappear, try this code in a custom CSS editor:

    .hentry .meta-post span.byline::before {
        content: "";

    I hope this helps 🙂

    – Maria Antonietta

    Hi Maria Antonietta Perna,

    Thanks very much for your suggestion, it’s appreciated, unfortunately I was unable to get rid of the icon using this code.

    Are there any other things I could try?


    I can still see the original code, did you put it back?

    If it doesn’t work as expected, add !important at the end of it, like this:

    .hentry .meta-post span.byline::before {
        content: "" !important;

    or try this alternative approach, which hides the entire byline section :

    .single .byline, .group-blog .byline {
        display: none;

    you allso can use:

    display: none!important;

    on the selectors you tried. but the suggestion by Maria should work to. i checked it. did you put it in the correct css file? maybe try adding

    content: “”!important;

    to her suggestion.


    Thanks Maria and drZivil for the suggestions. It’s very frustrating but I still can’t get rid of this thing!

    I have added all the code suggested, including the “”!important to the code lines.

    For info, I am doing the edits in my custom css plugin and it normally works fine. I also added the code to my orbisius theme editor (using this for my child theme) just in case there were any issues. Not having much luck with this.

    I suppose you can see the code still there when you inspect the page? Not sure what’s going wrong…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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