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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    Jetpack Publicize automatically selects an image to associate with your post on Facebook, and follows these steps:

    1. If you’ve selected a featured Image, it will be used on FB
    2. If you included a slideshow into your post, we’ll pick an image from there
    3. If you don’t have a slideshow, we’ll look for a gallery
    4. We will then look for other images attached to your post
    5. If you use an image that’s not hosted on your site, we’ll use it
    6. Finally, if you didn’t use any of these images, Jetpack Publicize will fall back to your Gravatar Profile image

    Could you try to add a new Gravatar image to your account here:

    I allready have a gravatar profile, somehow it did not pickup the icon.
    It is created with

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    Could you go to Users > My Profile in your dashboard, and check if you used this email address when creating your WordPress account?

    Could you also try to set a Featured Image for your next post, and see if that image is used on Facebook?

    The e-mail on admin account is “”. and this is the account i use, when i post blogs on the WP site. But the login account on FB is

    I tried to attach a image to the post, and then the gravatar logo is replaced correct.

    However, i did see a strange thing in this test
    if i goto
    then it is the G advatar.
    However, if i logon to facebook with the site admin, or my personal FB account, then the logo on the post is the one from

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    I am afraid that Facebook may need some time before to update its cache and use your new Gravatar on your posts.
    In the meantime, I would recommend that you include images into your posts, or set a Featured Image into your new posts.

    is sometime, like months? the oldest is from december 26

    The publicize feature really needs a way to set a default image.

    The problem is when you’re setting up a website for a client, and/or helping them manage it, it’s totally inappropriate for posts going to Facebook to use a personal gravatar image.

    There really should be a way to manually set a fallback image.

    Agree with mpmchugh, a default picture or just the option to totaly turn the picture off

    I never use a featured image and my posts consist of just one image and a link. It would be nice if this would use the single image in the Facebook post instead of my Gravatar image. There is a plugin called Add Link to Facebook that works for me.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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