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  • I have done the following.
    Using the astra theme, there is a header with menu and then on the home page I added a cover. But when looking at the page, the cover photo includes the header.
    So I added a another blank cover to the page above the actual cover to push the page down so it was “covered” by the menu. (This was wrong!!)

    I then created other pages and included the cover photo in those pages and went on to duplicate pages and amend them. Now none of them contain blank cover and yet there is a large area of blank space between the header and the photo cover.

    I later realised that I could use the spacer block to push down the cover photo on the home page which is far better. The menu is still above the photo but it is neater and more controllable.

    So my question is why should there be a large blank between the header and the photo cover on all of the non-home pages? When I look at the pages, there is nothing above header. I presume the gap is not part of header otherwise it would show on home. Is it a characteristic of the theme?


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    “Is it a characteristic of the theme?”
    Create a new topic to ask the theme specific support team

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    Hi @contentiskey
    perhaps a better question to ask is “Can this be a characteristic of the theme or is it something that WP does – ie home page has different layout to all other pages by default”

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    Just to add, the astra theme forum page is not monitored and has very few replies. Many questions, no replies.
    So overall astra may not be the best theme to use.



    -The spacing around stuff that makes up a website is controlled by browser defaults + CSS chosen by the person creating or managing the website design

    -CSS (for design and layout) may come from sources like the WordPress theme, WordPress blocks, and other customizations i.e. a child theme and “Additional CSS” in the customizer

    -a few common examples of CSS that impact the amount of space around stuff: padding, margin, display:flex, display:grid etc.

    If you are interested in exploring deeper about how CSS works and ways you can manage it:
    *(not WordPress specific)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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