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  • Hi
    I have just copy/pasted some text from a Word doc to a new WordPress page. In word the text was center aligned. I want to remove any alignment so the page automatically defaults back to the alignment set in my CSS (justified). I selected all the text in my WordPress page and hit the ‘remove formatting’ button though the text alignment remains. Even if I select all the text and justify it within the visual editor the ‘align=”center”‘, although overridden, remains in the HTML code???
    I was banking on just hitting the ‘remove formatting’ button to clear text alignment set in my Blogger posts when I migrate over though this is making me nervous that I’m going to have to take out each tag manually in the HTML editor for! I know I could select my text and change it in the visual editor though I’d prefer for my CSS to set the alignment rather than using an in-line style.
    Anyone know why removing formatting doesn’t clear alignment? More importantly, anyone know a way around this? Or how to get in WordPress’ ear to change it 🙂

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  • Copy from the word document, then into a “text file” ..
    if you’re on a PC
    right click your desktop and click New -> Text Document then open it.
    Paste the contents of your Word Document into it.
    Highlight the new contents of the text document and copy it.
    Paste that *new* copy into WordPress.

    That will remove all formatting and extra HTML that Word copies with it.

    Thanks. Though that won’t really solve my problem when I migrate over from Blogger as all my posts have been center aligned from within the visual editor. Is there a reason that removing formatting doesn’t touch alignment? It seems kinda strange.

    It does seem strange, unfortunately I do not have an answer to why or when or what is going on with it, I can lead you to posting a bug report at

    Thanks. Will do.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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