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  • I have been searching the web for several days, trying to discover the easiest way to delete the black fold over banner that appears on a post thumbnail in the Minimatica blog.

    There are discussions about this issue on the Internet, but no real solution and/or the threads are dead.

    I’d truly appreciate help. Thanks so much!

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  • link a not exactly sure what you mean….

    I think he means the black ribbon that says “By ‘Username’ on ‘Date'” that appears over the thumbnail/featured image of a blog post list page.

    The classes are:


    .folded a


    I used css,

    whoa, this is an old thread. Well, in case anyone still needs minimatica css mods, I’ve done a lot of em..

    thx deepbevel that dit the thrick for me!


    I have some trouble here and need a copy of the style.css (stylesheet). Can anyone send me the text? Please, pretty please?

    I normally save a copy before I start chaning things, but for some reason my computer had not registered any changes I am making to the code (and still has not now, I can only see on another computer) so i thought my changes were having no effect.

    I was trying to get rid of the caption boxes on the sliders, so I changed loads of the values in the ‘kwicks area’ to 0 for both width and lenght. Not knowing I was actually having an effect I went zero crazy and managed to lose the sliders completely doh! Now I can’t remember what all of the sizes were! and I have no sliders showing (on other computers) eeek

    @julie — just download another copy of the theme to your computer and replace the old CSS file via FTP.

    Hey, thanks for that. I didn’t realise you could do that (newby)

    I don’t suppose you would know how to remove the caption boxes on my slider?

    ???? That’s what I was trying to do in the first place.

    I have also asked on another thread if people know how to add additional slider menus. I have seen a site that does this and I am not sure how it is done

    The caption in the slider is part of the wordpress excerpt, it’s not controlled with css.

    remeber, these are posts, and this is a blog page. You would need to reduce the excerpt length to 0 to remove it and only show featured images.
    You can do that with a plugn called advanced excerpt.

    I’ll be back with info about getting more slides, I’ve done it too.

    @deepbevel — thanks for the help

    This site has different sliders associated with the different items on the menu at the bottom. I can make new sliders by adding more than 4 posts, but I have no idea how to link them to the menu.

    Ideally I would like that when i select one of the posts on the first slider, it opens a new slider for each one.


    I am not sure of the etiquate of posting other peoples sites one here (hope that’s ok)

    change posts per page in loop slider.php. You can also add other filters to the query as well, like category and number of pages.

    then, in css you’ll need to adjust the widths of the featured images, denpending on how many you show.

    I found 140 works for 6

    .kwicks .slide {

    I don’t understand your request about linking slides to the menu, they link to posts. I suppose you could have a menu in your posts..

    Have you looked at the site?

    If you select ‘home’ from the menu at the bottom you get one set of sliders

    If you select ‘Behandelingen’ from the menu at the bottom you get a new set

    How is this done?

    ah, now your talking about the menu, just select “Gallery” as the menu style for categories in the theme options.

    but you’ll need to make category pages first of course.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 180 total)
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