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  • I’ve the same problem, too.
    (Blog: The Green Bird)

    Please, plugin developer, add an option to remove the button from feeds.

    Best regards

    Oh yeah, I have a solution.
    Go to the plugin editor and choose the ‘flattr’-plugin. Navigate to ‘flattr/flattr5.php’ and search for ‘function flattr_post2rss($content)’.

    Comment the lines by ‘//’ out.

    // function flattr_post2rss($content) {
    //    global $post;
    //    $flattr = "";
    //    $flattr_post_types = get_option('flattr_post_types');
    //    if (is_feed() && in_array(get_post_type(), $flattr_post_types)) {
    //        $id = $post->ID;
    //        $md5 = md5($post->post_title);
    //        $permalink = urlencode(get_permalink( $id ));
    //        $flattr.= ' <p><a href="'. get_bloginfo('wpurl') .'/?flattrss_redirect&id='.$id.'&md5='.$md5.'" title="Flattr" target="_blank"><img src="'. FLATTRSS_PLUGIN_PATH .'/img/flattr-badge-large.png" alt="flattr this!"/></a></p>';
    //    }
    //    return ($content.$flattr);
    // }
    // if(function_exists('curl_init')) {
    //    add_filter('the_content_feed', 'flattr_post2rss',999999);
    // }

    I think the plugin works correctly after commenting the lines out.


    You are right, it’s easier to disable the call of the flattr_post2rss function…

    if(function_exists('curl_init')) {
        //add_filter('the_content_feed', 'flattr_post2rss',999999);


    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    There is an option to remove the button from the feed in the next update.

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    Everybody OK with the option to disable the button now?

    Jeah, great, it’s working without problems now 🙂

    Yep, works great. But i have a feature wish: It would be great, if I could add a configurable “Flattr-Text” instead of the button to the feed. Something like:

    “whatever is a uncomercial hobby project. If you like you can <a href="%%FLATTRLINK%%">flattr</a> this posting and leave the author a small tipp”

    Right now I use the Plugin RSS Footer [1] for this. But i can only place a static flattr thing for my whole blog in the footer. The perfect solution would be, if I’am able to call the Flattr Plugin from withing RSS Footer to place the right Flattr-Link into the Footer.


    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    Does rss-footer allow the use of php-code?

    Afaik not, I can user placeholders inside the footer text…

    You can use the following variables within the content, they will be replaced by the value on the right.

    %%POSTLINK%% : A link to the post, with the title as anchor text.
    %%BLOGLINK%% : A link to your site, with your site’s name as anchor text.
    %%BLOGDESCLINK%% : A link to your site, with your site’s name and description as anchor text.
    If you update the text above, check the preview below

    …but no PHP-Code.

    //PS: Yep, unfortunately I’m right:

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    I’ll put it on my list of feature request (with a little lower priority). Thanks for the suggestions.

    The RSS flattr button – is it not configurable on a per-post basis? If I have turned off flattr-button on the post, then I wouldn’t expect to see it when reading that post in the RSS-reader.

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    You’re right, this is the current behaviour. I’ll change this in one of the next updates, so that, when U disable the button on the post/page it doesn’t have one in the RSS feed either.

    Currently there is only a general setting for the complete RSS feed.

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