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    Hi, i would like to write a filter that i can use in my template to remove img tags, any idea?

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  • Depends on where you want to remove the tag from. If it’s the content of the posts then use the the_content filter and a preg_replace or whatever.

    ~ @kovshenin

    i am trying to use this within the loop <?php remove_filter('the_content', '<img>');?> but it doens’t work, am i doing something wrong?

    Of course, read more about what filter are and how to use them. You should be doing something similar to this:

    add_filter('the_content', 'my_content_filter');
    function my_content_filter($content)
        $content = preg_replace('#(<[/]?img.*>)#U', '', $content);
        return $content;

    Haven’t tested this regex but it’s the first one I found in Google using ‘preg_replace img tag’. Anyways, you should be able to get the picture.

    ~ @kovshenin

    superb it works 🙂 thank you

    Hi Kovshenin,

    Is it possible to do the opposite? So remove all data from The_Content except the IMG??? This way I can get only my images posted on my blog.

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