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  • I don’t want people to be able to link their name to their website because people only post to have others go to their site so there’s a lot of spam. What would I have to do to remove the ‘user website’ field.


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    That post suggests modifying core WordPress files – which is a Very Bad Idea(tm).
    If you don’t want display site urls in your comment list, simply create a custom comment display ising a custom callback in wp_list_comments().

    I did not explore other methods, however, you’re simply commenting two lines out of a php file. I suggested backing up and using a text editor, but to mess something this simple up is actually quite hard.



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    to mess something this simple up is actually quite hard.

    Not from from what I’ve seen – especially if you’re not used to PHP. Plus you would also have to repeat the process every time you upgraded WP.

    On a more general note, hacking core files can compromise your site’s security unless you really, really, know what you’re doing.

    I am curious to see how commenting out those two lines would compromise site security. In any case, I looked up writing plugins and found that creating a plugin is the easiest solution since you don’t have to worry about theme or core file updates. I have updated the post explaining how to create a plugin to remove the website field.



    Original question was never answered–is there a way to hide or turn/off the Website input on the WordPress User page. It is possible to hide the personal options, it is possible to hide the contact info, but getting rid of a few of these inputs (Website, specifically), is proving difficult.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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