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[Resolved] Remove Facebook en Twitter link at prettyPhoto.css, link to pictures in widget

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  • Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Hi – display of the social connect buttons in prettyPhoto is handled in javascript, not css. You’ll want to open shashin/public/display/shashin.js, and look for this, near the top of the file, and add “social_tools: false”, like I have here (don’t forget to also add a comma at the end of the previous line):

                theme: shashinJs.prettyPhotoTheme,
                overlay_gallery: !!(shashinJs.prettyPhotoOverlayGallery-0),
                default_width: shashinJs.prettyPhotoDefaultWidth-0,
                default_height: shashinJs.prettyPhotoDefaultHeight-0,
                show_title: !!(shashinJs.prettyPhotoShowTitle-0),
                autoplay_slideshow: !!(shashinJs.prettyPhotoAutoplaySlideshow-0),
                slideshow: shashinJs.prettyPhotoSlideshow-0,
                social_tools: false

    The same set of options is repeated further down in the file, at line 146, so you’ll want to make the same update there. I’ll remove the duplication in the next version of Shashin, and I’ve been thinking of adding this as a setting that can be managed on the Shashin settings page.

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your second question – there is already a link to view the full-size version in the caption – do you mean something else?

    Thanks! The ‘social tools’ have gone now! The strange thing is that they’re not gone when I’m logged in in Chrome, but it works in IE and Firefox so maybee it is a caching problem or so.

    With my second quenstion I ment that if I change the ‘Expanded image size’ from small to medium I see a difference, but when I change it to large or X-large I don’t, even not on high resolution screens.
    Sorry, my question was not that clear.

    One last thing. I have 104 photo’s in a folder. , when I set the ‘Default maximum number of photos to show’ at 100 or 104 only the thumbnail is showing. When I set is at 90 it works, but I have to press the next button to see all photo’s. Any idea what causes this?

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    You’re probably right that the social buttons still showing up in chrome is a caching issue. See here for how to force a reload http://superuser.com/questions/220179/how-can-i-do-a-cache-refresh-in-google-chrome

    For the expanded image size, prettyPhoto tries to optimize the displayed size to fit in the available viewport (so it may be shown smaller than the size you specify in the Shashin settings). But the size you specify in Shashin is still loaded – you’ll see an icon in the top right to expand it to the full size.

    For your album with 104 photos, I just tested with one of my albums that has 117 photos and it worked fine (I set the default max to 120, so they all appeared together). Can you give me a link so I can see the problem?

    Yes, thanks, in Chrome everything is working fine now. In general thanks for all your help. I’ve asked maybee some stupid quenstions but you answer them as if they were very complicated. 😉

    When I do a fresh install of Shashin, at http://wvdt.nl/shashin-test everyrhing works ok. In albums with large photo’s will (such as ‘Voorbereiding’) the icon shows up. Also the 104 photo album shows right if I set the maximum of 110 photo’s.

    The icon also shows on the private intranet site. However, since today (!!, yesterday everything works, I haven’t change much) one of the albums isn’t clickable anymore so I can’t view the photo’s. Because this is an intranet I don’t want to put the URL in the open. Can I sent you an email or so?

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Happy to help. You can send me an email through my contact form: http://www.toppa.com/contact

    I’ve sent you an email!

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    I clicked the thumbnails for all 3 albums and each of them worked fine. I clicked through several of the photos in each album and they also were ok (I’m using Chrome). Is there still a problem…?

    Nice, this morning I clicked on the three thumnails in IE and everything worked also fine.

    However when I set ‘Default maximum number of photos to show’ at 110 it stops working, even after I synced this album in Extra –> Shashin and also on another computer. Strange… Maybee I’ll have to wait fo another day??

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Now I am seeing the error. Your “Dag 1” album thumbnail is causing a server error when I click it. But without access to the server I can’t see what the error is. Could you give me the Picasa (or Google+) URL for that album? Then I can add it to my copy of Shashin and I’ll try to create the same error. (You can email the URL to me if you don’t want to post it here).

    Sure, I’ve mailed it to you!

    I’ve added more photoalbums to the intranet page. All the albums works right, excerpt the Day 1 album. Strange…

    I’ve split up the 104 Dagy 1 photo’s. Now it works! Yes!!

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Sorry I didn’t have a chance to look at it today, but it sounds like you’ve solved it.

    Dagy = Day 🙂

    Yes, but only when I split the photo’s in two so it’s not a permanent solution.

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Since I can’t reproduce the problem with my own albums, I’d need you to put it back the way it was if you want me to diagnose it (I had a busy day yesterday so I didn’t have a chance). Let me know what you’d like to do.

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