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    Sorry, we don’t have that feature at this time.
    It is on the list of todo’s.
    Unfortunately, we just haven’t had time to implement them for some time.

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    Thanks for the reply, I understand. I would definitely pay for a premium version of this plugin with the added features.

    How can I decrypt everything and deactivate the plugin for now? It’s messing up the price being sent to paypal and I need to get rid of this ASAP. Is it as simple as dropping this in my functions.php

    To decrypt data use this PHP code:

    echo GDS_Encryption_Class::decrypt(‘enx2:JKM3FFR4WP5HN6SG0C4ZAIF5K7H’);

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    Unfortunately, you would need to do that through code.
    There isn’t a feature to decrypt all data.
    You would need to loop through all the entries and decrypt the values.

    HI, i would also be interested in a premium version of this plugin if it allowed me to designate which fields were encrypted and which were not.

    I have done quite a fair amount of additional customization work with this plugin and how it works with Gravity Forms. I happen to have built this exact feature which extends GF with an Advanced tab selector to either encrypt the stored data for a field or not, along with several other features including file storage encryption on-the-fly, improvements to hiding the encryption method, and an attempt at making the database stored GF encrypted data far less useful if someone gets it.

    In it’s current state, with symmetric encryption, the key is stored in the wp_options table. And the code for running the decryption routines are obviously right here…so I worked around that a bit.

    If the plugin author is willing, perhaps we could open it up and co-author / co-support it? I would consider adopting it too.

    I would have to spend a bit of time pulling all my changes together and getting them in shape for sharing though. šŸ™‚

    Check out Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields
    You can just encrypt only the field data you want with a lot of other options and security.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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