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  • caimin_nwl


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    You can edit the template used for that page here:

    Be sure to check this tutorial for details of how to do it so changes aren’t lost when the plugin is upgraded:

    Using Template Files

    Thanks for your quick reply. I tried following along the example on that tutorial so I put the updated template file here:


    I edited the file to remove the td but nothing is changing on the front end. Could this be because I’m using a child theme?

    I think your template path is wrong; should be something like /wp-content/themes/zito-transitionavl/plugins/events-manager/buddypress/group-events.php

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    btw, users should never see a list of events to edit in the first place if users aren’t logged in, therefore not being able to see the duplicate link.

    I have tried a couple paths at this point and still no dice, but will keep trying and maybe move it to the parent theme. If I have to I’ll just edit the plugin directly and make a note on what I changed.

    @marcus I can see the duplicate link if not logged in. Is there a setting somewhere that has to be changed to get this to go away?



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    Have you tried:

    /wp-content/themes/zito-transitionavl/plugins/events-manager/templates/buddypress/group-events.php ?

    @caimin_nwl Yes I did try that path which should be the correct one. I even tried putting it in the parent theme just to make sure it wasn’t a child theme issue. I also tried updating some of the other template files like event-single.php and put it in its proper place with no luck.

    For some reason this method just isn’t working as intended. I appreciate all the help but it looks like I will have to update directly on the plugin files.

    the correct path would be /wp-content/themes/zito-transitionavl/plugins/events-manager/buddypress/group-events.php

    Using Template Files

    @angelo_nwl That worked!!!

    So the thing that’s confusing to me about this is that group-events.php is located in a different place in the actual plugin directory:


    however to make it work we had to put it here (in the theme directory):


    Why is that? That’s what was throwing me off. It appears that there are two buddypress folders in the actual plugin.

    Thanks all.



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    The first directory structure is intended to make it easier for plugin users to find the templates they want to copy and modify, without having to wade through the core plugin files.

    AFAIK, the second directory is the standard WordPress way of doing this type of thing. It allows other plugins to locate template files in /plugins/some-other-plugin/ etc..

    I’m used to creating child themes and having to copy the exact structure, so thanks for explaining this. I was able to update one of the other template files (events-list.php) by placing in this directory in my child theme:


    glad it’s working now.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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