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  • Thank you for sharing Ingmar. Wont that code always hide the author box? Is it possible to hide it if the description is not filled out?

    The code above will only hide the default WordPress author box, not the “WP About Author” box 😉

    It is possible to hide the box when the description is not filled out, i’ve posted a solution 2 weeks ago:

    It didn’t help for me…

    Argh!! I’m going insane in trying to completely hide that stu*** author box 🙂

    I’ll go bald if I don’t find a solution QUICK xD

    Don’t go bald yet, Chanettk. Try this one:

    #entry-author-info {
    display: none;

    In which file should I write it – or is it in the custom CSS form field?

    Tried pasting it into the “Edit CSS” section, but nothing happened 🙁

    Any other ideas?

    Link to blog:

    Hi Chanettk,

    I’ve just visited your blog. You are using the theme called “Presswork”.

    You have to visit Appearance > Editor > style.css

    On this page, you have to look for #authorbox and insert the following text: display: none;

    Or you can simply write the following lines at the end of this page (style.css):

    #authorbox {
    display: none;

    Rodrigo Ferreira – I am sending you kisses! It FINALLY worked. I have been looking for a solutions for weeks…


    I’m having the exact same issue, but I am using the Admired theme. I tried all the solutions in this thread in both the custom CSS file of my theme as well as the custom CSS area provided within my theme. No luck.

    Rodrigo, would you mind taking a look at my blog and telling me what I’m doing wrong? (it will take forever to load, not sure why this is happening either but it could be server side, my client is hosting with a small company out of Denmark)

    Any ideas? I have a great plugin that is showing my authors’ info already, so I just want to get that default area out of there.

    Hello Jonnonorton,

    Try to use the following code on the custom CSS area provided within your theme:

    #author-info {
    display: none;

    That worked perfectly Rodrigo. Thank you so much for helping me 🙂

    I’m not a programmer or coder.

    I added all the codes mentioned in this page in the:

    Appearance –> Editor –> User.css

    None of these codes worked for me on the Arras Theme 1.5.3

    I’m a “observe. Trial and Error. Repeat” type of guy to counter the lack of coding knowledge.


    I will provide here two scenarios.

    Scenario # 1:

    In my case, I have the “Custom About Author” plugin installed. This caused me to have TWO About author blocks displayed. The custom one, and the default one. Annoying, I know.

    My fix was this:

    In your Dashboard menu go to Appearance –> Editor –> Single Post (single.php)

    In the Single Post editor find the following text:

    if ( arras_get_option(‘display_author’) ) {

    Once you locate that piece of code, add the following tags:

    <!– <?php
    if ( arras_get_option(‘display_author’) ) {
    ?> –>

    This will make the “About Author” box invisible. If you wish to restore it simply remove the tags.

    <!– –>

    Scenario # 2

    There is a very easy way to remove your About Author. Simply go to the admin dashboard.

    On the top-right corner you will see “Howdy, Your-username”. Click it and choose the “Edit my profile” option.

    At the bottom of the page checkmark this option:

    “Disable about author display (Check this box to not have author’s profile displayed at bottom of each post.)”

    Medievaldragon, you need to put a lot of this code into places other than the user.css file. That’s probably why they didn’t work for you.

    For example, the fix that worked for me required me to enter the code into the Custom CSS area of my theme. I didn’t need to use the edit theme area at all, which is where the files you’re talking about are stored.

    Try making sure you use the fixes in the correct area of your WP site and you may have better luck with the solutions provided on this page. I know I was having the exact same problem you described and it was fixed with Rodrigo’s last post. Your theme is different than the one I’m working on with this client, but it may be worth trying it the way it was described to see if it works for you.

    Also, the box you are talking about in your solution #2 is actually a box that is provided by the third party plugin you installed to feature your authors. I don’t think that’s a default wordpress feature. When I checked that box it turned off my new author boxes which I actually wanted to view. As info

    Hi I could really use some help. I have the same problem with author boxes showing up and I can’t get rid of them! For example:

    I’ve tried some of the suggestions I’ve seen above, and the theme developers (MH Magazine Premium) don’t know how to fix it.

    Please help!

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