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  • Weiching



    Could it be possible to remove the date from the search results, I think the old article will affect the user’s click intention.

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  • palevioletred


    You could remove the date directly in the theme or try to mask it with javascript.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    I’ve also seen dates being annotated even when they’re obscured from the sitemap and pages. It seems that Google compares revisions of a before/after crawl state.
    So, although hiding it from the page might work as @palevioletred suggests, I can’t guarantee its effectiveness.

    In any case, if you browse through your page’s HTML source, you’ll find something like this which could annotate it:

    <div itemscope itemtype="">
          <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2018-01-17T16:36:04+02:00">

    If such microdata isn’t present, then the free Articles extension can provide and suggest it in JSON LD format.

    Note that the extension automatically picks the datePublished and dateModified dates, so you’ll have to “republish” the post again by simply hitting the “Update” button on the page.
    Doing this for the whole blog in one go might emanate cloaking tactics, so I suggest “improving” the articles as you go by them.

    There’s no concrete information available on how Google decides what date to use. So, once again, I can’t guarantee its effectiveness.



    Hi Sybre,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    But I am running a local directory and I can not manually change each one.

    A similar feature can hide the date. (Date in snippet preview) Show,Hide

    Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    Hey @weiching-lin, hope you are doing well and good 🙂 I want to build upon @cybr’s response — from strictly technical SEO perspective, messing around with time might seem like a cloaking to Google and his advice is sound.

    Google knows when/how you published and changed your content anyway, and I do belive omitting time from some websites makes for the better CTR. However… this is entering grey–hat SEO tactics.

    As a user, I don’t like websites that hide the date of publication and I prefer fresh, new content. Google mostly prefers it. Especially if you are searching for terms like:
    Home decor trends 2018
    Best car to buy 2018
    Fastion trends 2018

    I speculate anytime you include date, Google looks for news and fresh stuff. Of course you might argue, that “best restaurants in london” ins’t really time sensitive. Try different terms for yourself, most of top results have time stamp. Of course, TripAdvisor occupies top spots since they have authority and massive amount of backlinks, but other than that, I actually think you should keep the time and update listings if you want to reach top of SERP. If you have thousands of listings, or it is a responsibility of people who submitted them, then it is a good idea to remind them to update it regularly.

    To sum it up, I really really don’t want “button” to magically turn of time like Yoast does because it simply is generally bad approach. Google always says, make your website useful and focus on users. Trying to hide the fact listings were not updated for prolonged periods of time is a not pro–user.

    So what we can do? Add this functionality and go against Google to please users short-term, or think about longevity? I love to hear your thoughts and if it is not too much trouble, could you give us link to your directory?



    Hi lebaux,

    This is my own experience, in the search results, I will also choose the date of the new article to read.

    I am not sure if deleting the date violates the rules, if anyone can confirm this.

    The following two examples

    Tom Burger – Site Name
    2011-05-12 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

    Tom Burger – Site Name
    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

    I think there is no date better.

    Of course it is still important to show the date on other types of websites.

    Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    I can confirm that if you don’t disclose time stamps, you are not violating any rules. It is optional addition. It is one of the many ranking factors. If I understand your point correctly, this is purely cosmetic issue.

    Since Google seems to keep timestamps of changes internally, I think your request is not unreasonable and it sounds like legitimate feature request. I still believe it shouldn’t be button or checkbox, rather filter. It shouldn’t be on/off global switch, rather per post type filter. I’ll ask @cybr to consider this addition into plugin. We’ll keep you posted.

    And thank you for the kind review! It really does mean a lot, especially since you gave us 5–stars even though TSF currently doesn’t include feature to exclude the timestamps 🙂

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi guys,

    The feature from Yoast only affects the admin example “Snippet Preview”.
    It doesn’t affect whether Google displays it or not.

    This leads back to my first reply, and I assume my assimilations are in effect. So, I can’t bring any more to this discussion without a link to the page in question.

    @weiching-lin If you’d rather keep that link confidential then feel free to submit it to me on my contact page.


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