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  • I need to prevent my users from accessing the dashboard. I’m baffled as to why the default behaviour allows it in the first place, I’m totally bewildered that there isn’t an option somewhere to stop subscribers seeing the Dashboard!

    I would have thought this was a very basic requirement for a site with any sort of membership structure. You want them to see your site, not the WordPress backend! Only Admins and editors need access to that area to publish content.

    I’ve tried using the Customize Your Community plug-in, and it works to a certain degree. But, when logged in there is a “Site Admin” link in the sidebar that all users are shown. Clicking on it takes them to the WordPress Dashboard. When they are there they can’t do anything, but that’s not the point, they shouldn’t be able to see it in the first place!

    See for yourself at I don’t know how to sort this out. What I want to do is have that menu for admins, but everyone else should only have access to their profile.

    Can anyone help me sort this out?

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  • I wrote this up a while back:

    This plugin prevents subscribers from viewing the WordPress admin panel located at /wp-admin/. They are instead shown a custom message that you specify, as well as an optional logout link. You can use HTML tags and CSS in your message to style it any way you choose. Logged in users who have more access than subscribers are shown the standard admin panel.

    Thanks, that’s still not what I need though. My website needs subscribers for posting comments and participating in the forum. They need to be able to log-in and set up their profile etc. Taking them to a dead end with a “log-out” option isn’t any good to me.

    I just don’t want them to see any “WordPress” related pages from the Dashboard. So, when they log-in they should be re-directed to the page they were viewing before, with a link such as “Profile” instead of “Site Admin”.

    What I currently have is very close to what I need. Except for a few things:

    1) When logged in users are sent to their profile, I want them taken back to where they were. Or at least back to the home page if that’s not possible.

    2) A “Profile” link to replace the “Site Admin” link in the left sidebar. This takes them to the profile page users are currently sent to after logging in.

    3) I don’t understand where my menu goes on the profile page, it’s loaded in the header.php, so why isn’t it appearing on this page?

    Okay, I’ve had a change in my site design and think this plug-in could be useful. BUT, when I activate the plug-in it tells me “You are not allowed to view this page.”! EH? I’m the admin, and this plug-in bans ME from the dashboard!

    How do I get back to the dashboard?! I have to delete the plug-in, it doesn’t seem to work for me. There is no way of even getting to a log-in screen as the admin. I don’t get it?!

    well, the good news is there IS a plug in that takes users right back to your blog home page after they log in.

    The bad news is that they haven’t updated it to work with 2.7x yet so once logged in they get an error when they try to log out….

    You should be able to disable the plug in with FTP – just delete or rename the plugin….

    If people are still looking for a solution to hiding the dashboard, here’s one that might help:

    I’m using it for one of my client sites and it works like a charm. The one problem I see is that the plugin hides the dashboard for subscribers only (according to the documentation)

    PS: Dunno if it’s the same as the WP Hide Dashboard plugin mentioned upthread.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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