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  • I know this was done with the best intentions and seems like a good idea, but it’s not

    Please, stop filling WordPress websites with junk and let health professionals and authorities do their job.

    Anyone who wants to share WHO recommendations on their website can do it without a cookie banner plugin.

    Just remove this, now please.

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  • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve just spent an hour trying to work out where this banner had come from. Totally unneccesary.

    Totally agree. Putting unsolicited messages on users’s websites is definitely not ok, even if the intension was to help the cause.

    Undermines trust in the plugin author and wastes peoples time when they have to figure out where it came from.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Corona Banner is a temporary feature that’s intended for helping others using website’s space.

    It’s disabled by default and only displayed when accepted by site admin.
    The admin notice says clearly that’s it’s being added with Cookie Notice plugin.
    And aftewards, it can be disabled/enabled in Cookie Notice settings.

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    It’s just super frustrating and it is not said it’s possible to desactivate it settings. And the No thanks button does not work !

    >And the No thanks button does not work !
    same here

    >>And the No thanks button does not work !
    >same here
    same here

    but, wait, not even the “Yes, I want to help” button does anything
    js console is empty

    @cyberchicken : I confirm.

    I second this. Why not just create a seperate plugin for that? Maybe insert an invite is fine but forcing it to us like this is just crossing the line.

    Please remove this complete crap! Neither the No or Yes buttons do anything and I can’t get rid of this bloody notice! Keeps coming up on each reload. Deleting this plugin until this is fixed. 1 star.
    Had my clients calling me asking what this was and spent an hour trying to get rid of it.

    Good intention but horrible implementation!

    If anyone else can’t stand the corona notice anymore, I recommend switching to this plugin here:
    Spent half an hour trying to find a suitable alternative but most other plugins were too bloated or had too many options, this worked best to display a simple notice bar.

    The problem here is we are all expecting privacy policy related plugin not corona virus notification plugin. The developer needs to be clear of his intentions instead of forcing us unrelated ideas for some very very odd reason. I find that to be quite offensive to be honest.

    And thank you very much for the plugin suggestion. Its a very lightweight one which I am going to keep.

    @unixunderground : thanks for the suggestion.

    Thread Starter Marco Almeida


    Corona Banner is a temporary feature that’s intended for helping others using website’s space.

    We all know the intentions are good, and we thank you for that, but the implementation is a trainwreck.

    Just remove it already and create a new plugin.

    I have seen the coronabar notice working once! I hit “no thanks” and everything went as expected. The notice stayed put. Alas wasn’t able to reproduce the condition on aother wordpress installations.
    It looks like
    don’t get loaded (almost never seems).

    Anyway with a working “dismissed” setting and tracing down the code I found out how to dismiss the coronabar notice “manually”.
    The flag should be in table wp_options, option “cookie_notice_options”, subrecord “update_notice” set to false. I used adminer to set that, but the plugin code for doing that is
    $this->options['general'] = wp_parse_args( array( 'update_notice' => false ), $this->options['general'] );

    Please Author, fix the display of the notice! The idea is good and I have nothing against it, but a non-dismissible large notice is very very frustrating!

    Thank you and good luck everybody

    it seems to be the case (certainly here) that common adblockers browser add-ons stop the cookie notice from loading it’s js and css in the WP admin (i wonder why ….)

    so temporarily disabling adblockers let me dismiss the notice and keep it being dismissed.
    after that i can turn on the adblocker again and ii seems to be all fine

    just thought i’d share this , i case others have the same issue
    (I agree with various reviews though that this whole coronavirus thing does not belong into this plugin in the first place)

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