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  • I would like to know how I can block users from viewing the “Comments” section through the dashboard. Right now if you read comments on the site you cannot email the user through it, but if a user logs on they can go to the dashboard and send spam to users through the comments section.

    I would like to prevent this asap.


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  • **Bump** 5 Days & No Comments or Replies.. all righty then!

    How do folks without admin priveleges view the comments moderation?

    You sure you’re not getting trackback spam?

    As for your bump – sorry, I suppose no one else has seen this behavior either.

    its in the dashboard view. When they user goes to Dashboard view the see the following:
    Dashboard – Write – Manage – comments – Profile- Options

    When they click on most items they cant actually edit, but with the comments button, they can view the posters email & IP addy.

    I cant seem to find a way to shut this off without individually editing all the email addresses out.

    What role are these users?


    Go to wp-admin/options and see if what your user role is when they sign up. It should be Subscriber.

    Subscriber can only see “dashboard” and “profile” page..

    thanks, got it. I was using a plug-in that allowed them to do WAY TOO MUCH. lol.

    Along the same lines, I have all my users set to “subscriber” role by default so that is not a problem. My question is can I customize what the subscriber role can actually see on the Dashboard view. Of course all they get is the Dashboard and Profile tabs, but I really dont want them to see all the latest activity stuff on the dashboard.

    It lists posts that I have in the “queue” that haven’t been published yet, and I’d rather not allow any user of my site to be able to see what new articles are upcoming ahead of time.

    Still no answer on this one – I want my new members to be allowed to make posts (which I’ll moderate) but not to SPAM all those who have left comments previously. Anyone, at the level of “contributor” can access these email addresses. I would argue that only admins should see this page (even our editors are not entitled to speak for my website as a whole, so why should they be able to see the contact details of those who leave comments?).

    Please can someone suggest a way which I might be able to shut off the comments screen for all but the admins?

    And this is the problem, Samboll and Handysolo – it isn’t just admins who get to see this screen: ANYONE above the level of basic “subscriber” can access the email addresses from the “comments” tab, including “contributors”. So it isn’t just admins. This is a huge problem for multi-author blogs, or those who set the default level of new members to “contributor” for whatever reason, anyone who registers can see this stuff.

    Try it on your own blog! Set up a dummy user as a contributor and go and see all the stuff this person could find. It is NOT what a mere ‘contributor’ should be able to access.

    I would argue that even editors have no requirement to view the email addresses of commenters, though this is debatable, but the ‘contributors’ and ‘authors’ definitely should not – they cannot edit comments, so this screen should not be available to them at all anyway.

    Please can you help me to remove these capabilities, I run a multi-author blog and I’d like to let new authors get involved straight away as contributors, however, I don’t want them to be able to access all these email addresses, this gives them huge potential to spam all and sundry.

    The Roles_and_capabilities page is clearly wrong, and I quote:


    Role Name Contributor

    * edit_posts
    * read
    * level_1
    * level_0

    They CAN see the comments section, and all the addresses of those therein. Therefore, they also have the capability of accessing private information of everyone who has left a comment.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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