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    I have created a page using the default template to use a Photo Gallery page ‘outside’ of the blog.
    I do not wish the “Posted by”, “Comments” and “RSS” notices to appear on this page.
    I have unchecked the comments and track back options but they still appear at the base of my gallery.

    The offending article is here:

    Just as an annoying extra thing, this business has musse dup my nice neat page order, what was page 4 is now 14, if anyone knows how to pop it back to page 4 I’d be pretty chuffed as well.
    Thanks For Your Time.

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  • I don’t see any comments on that page, oh, you are talking about the stuff in the sidebar…that’s a different issue and you will find answers for this:

    The WordPress Loop
    The Loop in Action
    Conditional Tags
    Understanding the is_ functions

    As for why it is now page 14, you will have to go into the database and change it, and it can make for a lot of trouble. If it really isn’t important, which is isn’t, ignore it and switch to permalinks and you will never know it was ever page 14.

    I managed to hide them with CSS (for now).

    I assume there is no page.php template in your theme; in this case WP will use the index.php to display your Pages. See more in Template Hierarchy and Pages in the Codex.
    However you can save your index.php as page.php and edit/delete the template tags that call for commets, rss, show the publish date etc. Even more: you can customize different Page templates (see the link above) and once uploaded they will show up in your Write Page interface in a dropdown menu to select different templates when creating Pages for your site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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