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  • How would I go about removing comments from pages in the Easel theme? I want them to remain on posts. (So changing settings in “discussion” will not help) Aren’t pages normally not intended to display comments?

    Anyway, page.php is no help because it just picks up the content from elsewhere, there’s no comment code to strip out.

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  • You have to do it individually for each page (unless you want to mess with page.php and perhaps some other template files).

    When you create/edit a page you can determine whether you wish to allow comments for that page. Make sure that the ‘Discussion’ panel is showing (immediately below the TinyMCE editor). If it isn’t, click on ‘Screen Options’ and check the ‘Discussion’ check box. You should now see it.

    The ‘Discussion’ panel gives you the option to allow or disallow comments for the page being created/edited via a check box.

    This is usually the best solution since WP sites, on the whole, have many more posts than pages. So specifying whether or not to allow comments for individual pages is not usually very onerous.



    This is the #1 question I get, all because the dev’s decided to not have it on by default with the [screen options]

    Sorry, I had no idea it was so simple. Didn’t occur to me to look there, I guess it’s not terribly intuitive.

    No problem. As it happens, I agree with both you and Frumph. It would have been much better to have had it on by default.



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