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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to remove the comma in a custom field list.

    at the moment it says:

    book 1, book 2

    i want it to say:

    book 1
    book 2

    so remove the comma and replace with a <br />
    what’s the code?


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  • Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    This is an impossible question to answer, with only the information you’ve given.

    What Theme are you using? Is the Theme adding the custom field, or is a Plugin adding the custom field? If a Plugin, what Plugin?

    its a custom theme i’m building.

    the custom field information is coming from <?php the_meta(); ?>
    no plugins..

    thanks for checking.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Then can you post the relevant code from your Theme into a pastebin?

    well, the code above is all i have.

    here’s a pastebin explanation:

    i think i need to build a function somehow / somewhere that edits what the output is. ?


    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    You probably need to create a function that customizes your output, using get_post_meta(), and then creating markup using your meta_key values.

    yeah, here’s the answer:

    you display the custom field as an array using get_post_meta and style the list. Here’s the example that explained it to me.. just paste this in your page.

    assuming the custom field is called “thanks”

    < ?php
    $thanks = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'thanks', false);
    if ($thanks) {
      echo "<h3>Special thanks to:</h3>\n<ul>";
      foreach ($thanks as $person) {
        echo "<li>".$person."</li>";
      echo "</ul>";

    credit goes here:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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