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  • That depends on your theme.

    You can do it by CSS: add some code to not display it. That may be the simplest way if you use a child theme.

    I could possibly help if you sent your site’s URL.

    Here is a post for example. I already created a child theme and have tried several different edits. Nothing I do eliminates the “by author” next to the date posted.



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    You don’t have a child theme active on your site. But since you have JetPack, you can use Appearance > Edit CSS to add custom CSS. Try adding this there:

    .single .byline, .group-blog .byline {
        display: none;

    Thank you WPyogi for helping me to get the “by author” line removed. I used this same code before in my child theme and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. It didn’t for 2 reasons:

    1. I didn’t notice my child theme style.css had import url(“../misty-lake/style.css”) instead of import url(“../misty-lake-child/style.css”).

    2. I forgot to activate the child theme.

    I assumed the child theme was active, so your informing me it wasn’t also had me to notice my error in import url file path.

    The code you provided was the only one I forgot to try adding in the custom CSS.

    Both of you guys, please accept my humble apology for taking up your time because of my careless mistakes.



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    I didn’t notice my child theme style.css had import url(“../misty-lake/style.css”) in

    That’s what it SHOULD have – it’s importing the parent styles – so the parent theme needs to be referenced in that line of code.

    Now you have it activated but you have a copy of the entire parent theme stylesheet in the style.css file which is not correct. The child theme style.css file should have this at the top:

    Theme Name:     Misty Lake Child
    Theme URI:
    Description:    Child of Misty Lake
    Author:         Sheila Schoonmaker
    Template:       misty-lake
    @import url("../misty-lake/style.css");

    and after that line should contain ONLY the changes you’ve made to the parent theme CSS.

    And BTW, no apologies needed – that’s why we’re here :).


    I greatly appreciate you pointing these things out for me. It explains why I still felt like some things weren’t quite right even though the “by author” stopped appearing next to the post date. 😉

    I think I finally have everything appropriate in regards to this issue, but now that my confidence is diminished, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll discover other dumb mistakes after I catch up on some much needed sleep. 🙁

    Thank you for being so kind in your responses.

    I have a serious problem..

    BLOG without a DATE! embarrassing can you help? I tried following this thread but can’t sort it out.



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    @iamondemand – please start your own thread if you need help. Are you using this theme?

    yes using it and will open a new one

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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